We don’t have to suffer when sitting

We don’t have to suffer when sitting. We may pay attention to the seat we select but do we give enough consideration to our choice of cushion?

Comfort, durability, support, and appearance are certainly some of the factors we take into account when choosing. But what about the kind of filling: do we give sufficient thought to the qualities of the different options?

“ There are 3 main types of cushion interior: foam, feather and polyester fibre. Whereas they each have strong advantages our experience at Live Well Now is that the foam filled cushions are very popular and deliver good results for users.”

For anyone who has problems with sitting on hard chairs, or who suffers from back, buttocks or thigh pains, the addition of a comfy, firm and supportive cushion is welcome. The benefits can be even more pronounced when using a coccyx cushion such as the Cosy-Co, which is where the horse-shoe-shaped cut-out eliminates direct pressure on the coccyx and encourages an improved posture by allowing you to sit right back in the chair. The clinical benefits include a reduction to the pressure on the spine through the gentle, skeletal pressure.

And the importance of seat and cushion choice extends to car drivers or wheelchair users. Seat wedges are increasingly popular whenever the person needs to remain seated for a long period of time. Comfort and the prevention of sores are key considerations in the choice of seat wedge as are appearance, durability, ease of cleaning, and portability. At Live Well Now we have found that.

the Cosy-Co range of seat wedges are popular choices for anyone looking to combine the benefits of positioning with those of comfort and cushioning.

It is clear that whether sitting at home, in the car, or in a wheelchair, the presence of a comfortable cushion is very important and that the time taken to make the right choice is time that is more than repaid in user contentment.

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