What are the characteristics of a safe shoe?

How many of us understand the importance of taking care of our feet and of wearing a shoe that is comfortable, well-fitting and holds our foot firmly in place and provides appropriate support? As much as we should all be conscious of taking care of our feet, there is no doubt that as we age we should be particularly alert to the importance of having our feet measured before buying shoes to ensure a good fit that can improve our walking, our gait, and can lead to the elimination of foot pain.

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Our feet lose cushioning over time and the nails and skin will grow brittle and dry. We will experience a reduced overall blood flow and this can affect the speed at which foot sores will heal. For seniors especially, it is recommended that footwear is comfortable and well fitted. It is especially important to avoid high heels or slippery soles as these can create additional problems with balance and gait.

Even when relaxing at home proper footwear is extremely important for seniors. Some options seem attractive such as slippers, socks without shoes, or even going barefoot. But all of these can increase the risk for falls and can encourage the wearer to shuffle rather than letting the joints work as they should.

At Live Well Now we only provide footwear that help prevent falls while conceding nothing to comfort and style. The older we get, the more important it is to wear a shoe which provides the correct balance of comfort and support and at Live Well Now we recognise this through our commitment to providing a range that is both pragmatic and fashionable.