How to stay energised – whatever our age

exercise energised

We all experience a dip in our energy level at some time. That’s normal. But we assume these dips will go deeper and last longer as we grow older: they are inevitable we say, it’s what happens, just accept it. But the evidence points to the opposite and tells us that whatever our age we can stay strong, healthy, and energised with regular exercise. So, what should we be doing?


First steps to becoming energised

It is accepted that exercise is good for us and that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a difference. So why not start with the simple everyday things, such as choosing the stairs over the elevator, parking on the top floor of the car park, walking the long way around to your destination? You’ll soon progress to more dynamic activities such as swimming, cycling or dancing. And before too long you will see that the effect of the extra blood pumping movement will be a refreshed mind and energised body.


You don’t need to be a ‘gym-rat’ to be energised

And if you want to step it up a little by incorporating strength and muscle mass training, then you don’t have to hit the gym. Many of us who can’t find that time in our busy day, or who just don’t enjoy being in that environment, are investing in some simple home exercise equipment and getting our workouts done at a time and place that suits.

energised equipment

“I do a lot of things with little weights—like, I’ll put on a song that I really like and I’ll do [bicep curls with] 5-pound weights for the duration of the song and just try to burn out.”  – Beyoncé


Keeping on keeping on

There are no two-ways about it, we need to start moving and to keep on going. A sedentary lifestyle brings us problems by making us physically weaker at every stage in life than we need be, exposing us to mounting health problems and, even, pushing us down the road to darker moods and less optimistic mindsets.


But we can change all that. Just twenty minutes of strength, balance, and cardio exercises every day will be enough to brighten our minds, give us back our positive purpose and return us to full energy levels.


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