Dealing with Back Pain and Back Ache

back ache


Back pain can be one of the most debilitating ailments a person can experience. The effect can be quite draining, and the suffering can lead to a substantial deterioration in an individual’s quality of life. But back pain can be treated successfully and not only by medicines. There are other successful methods ranging across natural remedies and several forms of exercise


  1. Heat pad

As soon as you detect back pain you should apply a heat pad to the target area straight away to relax the muscles. A classic heated back & seat massager is ideal for soothing the pain directly and helping to counter the discomfort by stimulating blood flow and easing muscle spasms.

It might also be worthwhile experimenting with changes to your pillows or your mattress to improve the quality of your sleep. Try different sleep positions to discover the one that is best and healthiest for you. Have a look at this article for more guidance on healthy sleeping.

  1. Bath salts

Many of us experience back pain as a result of the stresses and strains of daily living. When feeling weary and worn down it is great to soak in a warm bath at the end of the day. Applying Epsom salts and laying back to allow the magnesium sulphate to penetrate through to aching muscle will most times bring an easing of the pain but you can improve the level of comfort by using a bath cushion, which should help you find he optimum relaxing position. Importantly, make sure you get the water temperature right: not too hot, and not too cold. Best guidance is provided by Arthritis Care, which says to keep the temperature in the range of 92 and 100°F (33 and 38°C).

  1. Massage

For most of us the word ‘massage’ is synonymous with relaxation and a little bit of welcome indulgence. But we should not underestimate the huge beneficial impacts this simple technique can have on our body. Massage can very effectively relief back and other body pains as a result of its stimulation of better blood circulation, its relaxation of stress and the boosting of the pain killing endorphins.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool to get your body working. It does not only strengthen the muscles, it provides the opposite effect as well. It provides deep relaxation of the muscles and spine, stretching and relieving stress. It’s an efficient therapy for getting rid of the back pain.

  1. Exercise

If the back pain originates from a sedentary lifestyle, it’s may be time to introduce some light physical activity into your life. Gentle fitness exercises for back pain relief may cure you and make your spine and joints healthier, and the muscles stronger. As you build a stronger and more enduring body, you protect yourself from back traumas and pain in future.

back pain relief

However, if your back pain is the result of trauma or overdoing it in the gym, switch to gentler type of workouts, such as swimming, jogging, cycling, pilates.

If your back does not respond to a home treatment, and the pain still bothers you, visit your physician to find out the reason for the back pain.


We do not need to let the problem of back pain become a disruption to our healthy life. Start today and find a solution to the problem sooner rather than later.