60 things to (still) do at 60

60 things to (still) do at 60

Turning 60 is no joke.

This is a joke: “Life is like a bar of chocolate. It doesn’t last long if you’re fat”– Joe Lycett

And while turning 20, 30, 40 or 50 is no box of coffee creams either, the deal with turning 60 is that people feel compelled to exhort you to “slow down,” “take it easy” and “put your feet up.” They might even say “you’re at an age where you need to be careful – it’s probably best if you don’t make long-term plans.”

Well hold on just a doggone minute, hand me down my walking cane so I can use it to knock the stuffing out of that type of attitude and send it rolling and tumbling down the mountain into the dark abyss of an ocean tomb.

It has been said so many times already in the pages of these blogs but it can stand being said again: age is just a number that has no bearing on our ability to do whatever it may be that we want to do.

60 is not a stopping point, or a turning point or a jumping off point. It’s just another point. 60 is not about being settled and accepting. 60 is not about standing still and watching life. Turning 60 is about screaming at life “get a shake-on and try to keep up!”

There is a whole big world’s worth of things available to us, so here’s my highly personal ‘starter’ list of the 60 things to (still) do at 60:

  1. play music loudly
  2. discover the Scandinavian Stoner Rock scene
  3. form a band, even if you can’t play or sing (think about Bez from the Happy Mondays and be inspired)
  4. run 10k in under 50 mins
  5. run a marathon in under 4 hours
  6. climb Ben Nevis in the snow (then carry on and climb all 282 Munros)
  7. learn 5 new ways to cook authentic Italian Sugo di Pomodoro
  8. start a business
  9. sell a business (then start a new business)
  10. learn the phonetic alphabet
  11. facetime your children
  12. take your entire wardrobe to charity and start over
  13. shave your initials into your head
  14. fall in love
  15. dream
  16. hire or buy a camper-van and drive the North Coast 500 – check out Rockin Vans which is one of the largest motorhome and camper hire companies in the United Kingdom. Go to: Rockin Vans
  17. be an extra on a film/TV show
  18. do a 10 min stand-up set at an open-mic night
  19. eat a hard cheese other than cheddar – give Grana-Padano a go
  20. wear a dress
  21. stop eating meat
  22. read (finish reading) Moby Dick, Ulysses, Don Quixote
  23. take risks
  24. join a choir
  25. go to church
  26. stop going to church
  27. buy a house abroad
  28. change your name
  29. study the lives of the early roman emperors – Augustus through to Nero
  30. make a dining chair from maplewood
  31. learn to meditate
  32. sell something on eBay
  33. go whale watching in Kaikoura, New Zealand or the Isle of Mull, Scotland
  34. go back to University
  35. get a motorbike licence
  36. take up yoga
  37. eat butternut squash 3 ways
  38. go into local politics
  39. make a new friend
  40. buy a dye-tie T-shirt kit
  41. get up one hour earlier every morning
  42. start a blog
  43. watch every Gregory Peck movie
  44. have a picnic
  45. spend a day fundraising
  46. meet your idol (keep stalking to a minimum)
  47. make your own bread
  48. be a ‘life’ model in an art class
  49. watch a TED talk
  50. write a letter
  51. apply for a new job
  52. visit a museum
  53. learn how to build a stone dyke
  54. live your life forwards, not backwards
  55. perfect a magic trick
  56. write a novel
  57. change your hair colour
  58. do something, not nothing
  59. go to a performance of every Shakespeare play
  60. be good to yourself

+ 61. keep on keeping on

Please tell us what would make your list of things to do when sixty! We’d love to hear and share.