4 Tips for Dressing with Arthritis Pain

4 tips for dressing with arthritis pain

Get on top of Arthritis pain

Getting dressed when suffering with Arthritis pain can be difficult but these 4 tips could make it easier.

If you suffer from arthritis hands, arthritis knees, or other forms of osteoarthritis, these simple, practical, low-cost arthritis care ideas can offer real solutions to the problems that come with stiff and sore joints.

TIP 1 – Keep it ‘loosey-goosey’

It’s best not to squeeze into tight jeans or other close-fitting clothes that are hard to pull-on and off and may even increase the pain of stiff and swollen joints. Keep it loose, particularly when experiencing an arthritis flare-up. Elastic waistbands, a light blouse, comfy jumper, soft skirt or baggy trousers are the smart choices – and it shouldn’t mean surrendering style or elegance. So, protect your sore finger joints and go for light-weight and flexible.


Dressing Aids for Arthritis Sufferers

TIP 2 – Get a little help from a friend (or friends)

Zipper pulls and button hooks are fabulous and definitely make it easier to grasp these tiny zippers particularly with your arthritis fingers. You might also need to look at other ‘friends’ such as a Bra Angel, or a Brabuddy. And if you have arthritis in legs and/or an arthritic back then you might need to call on the help of an easy to pull on sock aid or a dressing stick. And don’t overlook the option of elastic shoelaces, which eliminate the need for tying and are designed to give you a consistent, comfortable tension across the foot.

TIP 3 – Take the weight off your feet

Sit down! Get a hold of your comfiest, stable chair, and sit on it while dressing. Don’t rush, give yourself plenty of time and take it slowly. If you can, do a bit of prep beforehand so that the clothes you are going to put on are already selected and are set-out around you and within easy reach. You might want to have a mirror in front so you can see what you are doing, particularly if you are anxious about missing a button for example.

TIP 4 – Be good to yourself!

A big part of dressing is to look and feel good. It’s important to choose the right clothing but we should also take care with our general grooming by making sure we apply our make-up, go to the hairdresser regularly, keep our nails well-manicured, possibly schedule a regular massage to ease the muscle and joint pain.

There is no panacea

We all know that the abundance of Arthritis care advice can be bewildering, even confusing. And what is on offer from the helpful guides and tip-sheets, to the exercise plans and prescription medicines, are only individual components of the solution. We realise there is no one element that is most effective at tackling arthritis pain and we know that sadly there is still no solution.

But despite the discomfort and the incapacity that comes with arthritis we must still look for the opportunities to be good to ourselves. Dressing well and taking a pride in our appearance, will not stop the pain, but it may, even for a short while, give us back a sense of self-esteem and well-being.