Eight great ways to look after your skin this winter

Even when we are healthy, active, spirited and energetic, the onset of winter can have a negative effect in several ways. And when elderly, the impact can be felt even more keenly. Short days, dark nights, and icy underfoot conditions, can trap us at home, isolating us from friends and our usual social outlets.

And one consequence of being indoors for longer and turning up the heat is the damage it can do to our skin. Our centrally heated, under-ventilated homes can create dry air that leads to flaky and itchy parts across our body and may, if untreated, cause the skin to crack and bleed.

And while part of the solution is to make sure we still get outside, perhaps for a brisk (even bracing) thirty-minute walk three of four times weekly, the cold, dry weather can also do damage.

So, because we need to consider protecting our skin both indoors and outside we have put together our list of eight great ways to look after your skin this winter:

1. Use a ‘lot’ of moisturiser

Don’t hold back. In winter it’s good to get the moisturiser on your hands, face, arms, legs, fingers, toes, hips, thighs and… (oh, well you get the idea).  Importantly, try to use a good quality, oil-based (not water-based) night cream. This provides a protective layer on your skin and helps to shield you from wind and rain.

And if your skin is already damaged take a look at the creams that repair your skin. They gently restore the parts that have been affected and help guard against further deterioration.

2. Ex-foliate

“Get your ducks in a row” is a familiar phrase meaning to get everything in the right order so that you are prepared. And in terms of skin care duck number 1 has to be ‘ex-foliate.’ Of course, moisturising is BIG (in duck terms it’s definitely more the Eider duck of the species than the African Pygmy) but it knows that duck number 1 (ex-foliation) is first in line.

But why must we ex-foliate? Well, if we use a good quality exfoliator it removes the dead skin cells that clog up our skin, and it lets the fresh cells below shine. And when we apply our moisturiser the cream can penetrate further bringing a healthier, clearer appearance and providing maximum protection in the winter air.

Ducks know a thing or two and they’re well worth a listen.

3. Let loose the coconut oil on your lips

A dab of coconut oil is excellent for treating dry and chapped lips. Renowned for its positive antioxidant effects, it helps to resist tissue damage and can be a powerful anti-ageing agent. It can be combined with other creams you might already use to provide an even more favourable impact.

4. Drink lots – of water

Drink plenty of water. We don’t always feel thirsty but it’s a good idea to have a glass, a cup, or a bottle of water nearby at all times throughout the day. Many of us don’t enjoy drinking water but by taking regular sips or the occasional mouthful you will effortlessly up your water intake and will have achieved that all important hydration objective. Of course, tea can also help. But it’s by far the best (and cheapest) to run the tap and enjoy a glass of fresh (but not icy cold) water.

5. Don’t shower or bathe – ever!

Well, of course, it’s not really recommended that you never shower or bathe. Not unless you want family, friends, neighbours, the postman and the man who comes around to read the electricity meter, to talk about you.

But if you must wash, then keep the temperature cooler, and use a good quality, mild soap, rich in natural, organic oils and shea butter, which help to moisturise the skin and repair damaged tissues. And while we are not suggesting you turn your back on personal hygiene, it is a good idea to take fewer showers or baths throughout the winter months.

6. Eat Well

Of course, caring for our skin is a year-round task, and not just something we should consider in the obvious summer or winter months. Good skin is the result of a complete self-care approach, including having a healthy diet and getting the correct amount of sleep.

And while we all know that we should eat more natural and healthy fats in winter, such as avocados, nuts, salmon and almond milk, it’s not always easy to know how to incorporate them into a delicious meal. That’s why at Live Well Now we have prepared a 7 Day Meal Plan for healthy eating. Every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is comprised of great healthy ingredients. It’s a useful resource for anyone who suffers from arthritis because each meal uses known anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing ingredients. But it’s also just a great way to find healthy recipes that make us feel better and protect our skin in winter and all year round. You can download your free copy of the Live Well | Eat Well 7 Day Meal Plan here.

7. Sleep Well

Getting the recommended eight hours sleep per night seems an unachievable ambition for many of us. More commonly, our sleep is erratic and broken. Sometimes, if we manage a couple of hours before waking, we might think we’re doing well. For others of us just getting off to sleep is a big challenge. Look at Live Well Now’s earlier Blog called How Can I Get A Good Night’s Sleep? which might give you some ideas that improve your sleep.

Sleep is important for our skin because our body makes more collagen while sleeping and this helps tackle the fine lines on our face by building muscle mass and strengthening our skin. Moreover, our cortisol levels drop while sleeping and this has the effect of helping to repair the daytime damage done to our skin in winter.

8. Exercise

When the sun shines and the days are long it is quite easy to be outside for long periods of time. We feel energised and optimistic, and our skin can become suffused with a healthy glow. But when the days are cold it is understandably tempting to wrap up, stay warm and stick indoors. However, it is important that we maintain a level of outdoor activity, perhaps some brisk walking several times a week in order to boost circulation, keep the pulse rate at a decent level and to encourage a healthy glow. Of course, as we have said, the cold air isn’t a friend to your skin so make sure you are well protected with a good oil-based moisturiser and a high-quality sunscreen.

It is sometimes difficult to find the motivation to exercise. And when we are older it can be confusing to know what exercises are best and even possible!

Fit At Any Age

So we are delighted to say that Live Well Now has teamed up with the award winning elite personal trainer, Ricky Singh, who has developed a series of simple, manageable exercise routines specifically for older people. Ricky is a foremost UK specialist in fat loss who creates a training environment that respects individual client differences and uses innovative planning, preparation and accountability to achieve life changing results. Ricky is working with Live Well Now to present his Fit At Any Age exercise programme as a series of short videos and illustrated instruction sheets, designed specifically for older people.

Look out for our next Blog when we will say much more about our partnership with Ricky and will tell you exactly how you can access the exclusive, tailored Fit At Any Age exercise programme.

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