Best Products for Arthritis

Best Arthritis Products

Hands, feet, knees or hips are the most commonly affected areas, but arthritis can attack all parts of our body. Pain is severe, our mobility is reduced, and we can no longer carry out simple every-day routine tasks. Confidence suffers and our mental well-being is affected.

Today, more and more equipment is being designed to help us cope with the effects of arthritis. Below, we talk about just 4 types of arthritis that can help us regain confidence and retain independence.

1. Dressing Aids

Some of the most effective devices which will assist you when dressing include a dressing stick, a long handle shoe-horn and a zip pull. Each of these will make it easier to pick up items without stretching or over-reaching.
The range of reachers and grabbers is now extensive. They are great for picking up clothing from the floor or even litter around the garden.
Many of us find it hard to bend from the waist and these items help make that movement easier. They also, quite literally, take the pain out of dressing.

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2. Footwear

Painful feet are a common condition for many of us and even more so if we suffer from arthritis. The inflamed and swollen joints can bring continuing discomfort and make it difficult to find indoor and outdoor footwear that is wearable.
Heel protectors, special slippers, and good grip socks are all designed to provide protection to feet and reduce the discomfort caused by coming into contact with hard surfaces.

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3. Writing Aids

Hands and fingers weakened by arthritis pain can find it almost impossible to grip a standard pen or pencil. Writing grips and pencil grips widen the diameter and make it easier to hold. They also provide improved control and mean less pressure is required to move the nib.
There is an indentation on the grip for the thumb, which further helps to reduce strain while improving control of this device.
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4. Walking Aids

Specially designed arthritis full palm walking sticks are a great aid for anyone who needs the extra stability offered by a stick but finds that the combination of weak and sore hands means they can be uncomfortable to hold. The broad handle helps spread your weight more evenly and reduces the pressure on any pain points.

Rollators are another effective aid for anyone with arthritic hands. Designed with wide, contoured grip handles and controls, the new generation of rollator is lightweight and easier to manoeuvre.
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