The Best Ever Daily Living Aids

Daily Living Aids

There are so many day-to-day tasks around the house and in the garden that we take for granted. Small things such as making a cup of tea, checking the use-by date on a box of eggs, bending to pull up a few weeds in the border.

But when our mobility is no longer at its best these simple activities start to feel harder than they should. That’s when we may feel we could do with a bit of help.

And that’s where daily living aids come in.

Daily Living Aids That Help Us Stay Independent

Daily living aids are products specifically designed to solve everyday problems for people who have mobility issues. And it is not only the elderly who struggle with some tasks around the home and garden. Rheumatoid arthritis might be more common in middle-aged to older people but it’s symptoms can become apparent in some as young as twenty or thirty.

Broadly speaking, daily living aids are designed for either indoors or outdoors use. There are some daily living aids that are only for the garden and are specifically designed to help with everyday garden tasks, such as weeding, planting and digging etc.

A popular example is the Long Reach Cultivator which allows the gardener to reach garden beds and pots to cultivate and aerate the soil without over-stretching or risking injury or falls.

Easi-Grip Long Reach Cultivator

You can see the full range of daily living aid garden tools here.

Indoor Daily Living Aids That Help Us Retain our Self-Confidence

Indoor daily living aids normally support a person’s mobility needs in obvious area such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom and dining area. There are also many bathroom aids that are highly innovative and designed to provide practical solutions but with user safety and comfort to the fore. You can see many of these bathroom aids here.

There are a great many daily living aids for the home – we have over 1500 of them available on this website. Among the most popular is the Full-page magnifier sheet which is a great tool if you struggle to read the small print often found in books, magazines and newspapers.

Full Page Sheet Magnifier
Full Page Sheet Magnifier

If our muscles or joints are stiff and painful we can find it difficult to reach for or pick up items around the home or garden. The Folding Reacher is ideal for the using at home but it’s portability makes it great for trips to the supermarket and other shops where you want to avoid asking for help.

Folding Reacher

Something as simple and pleasurable as making a cup of tea can be a step-too-far if our mobility is limited or we have reduced hand arm strength. Lifting a kettle can be difficult. Tipping the kettle to fill your cup with boiling hot liquid can be dangerous.

It is a problem in the kitchen that is easily fixed with the right aid.

Our Uccello kettle is a great example of how a daily living aid can make all the difference. This beautifully designed kettle is all about user safety. It ensures that water can be boiled safely and has a tilting action that helps to eliminate accidents or burns. The kettle has non-slip feet which provides a secure base when being lifted.

Food handling provides its own challenges when movements are restricted.

Uccello Kettle

A great example of a very handy kitchen aid is the Food Workstation.

This device is especially appropriate for those who find it difficult to grip or for those suffering from arthritis or other conditions that make gripping difficult.

Food Workstation
Food Workstation

The workstation comes with a clamp that can grip all sorts of food, bowls, jars or bottles and is easy to operate. Removable stainless steel spikes can be used to hold bread, fruit, or vegetables securely in place for preparation.

It’s another effective and useful daily living aid that can make a big difference in the home and can help you retain the independence you desire!

If these ideas are helpful, have a look through our full range of daily living aids and hopefully find the perfect solution for you.