Our cutlery has been designed to help you with eating if you have problems holding normal cutlery. We have a range of cutlery available including arthritis-friendly knives, forks and spoons, easy-grip utensils, rocker knives, and knork cutlery which is a combination of knife and fork. Our adapted cutlery and eating utensils use an ergonomic design that allows them to fit comfortably into the hands to help anyone with a weak grip to provide stability when cutting food or eating soups. They are lightweight and enable one-handed use which helps the user to maintain independence when eating. Our range of cutlery is all dishwasher safe.

Good Grips Cutlery

Good Grips Adapted Cutlery is ideal for using when bending the wrist, grasping, or eating motions become difficult. All the cutlery has a soft cushioned grip that helps the user to keep the utensil in their hand. The soft and comfortable handle will adapt to any grip. Each piece has a special twist built into the metal shaft that allows spoons and forks to bend to any angle. They can be used with the left and right hand. The Good Grips Rocker Knife ensures that you need minimal arm strength when cutting.

Amefa Adapted Cutlery

The Amefa Range of Adapted Cutlery includes a fork, knife, and spoon which are shaped in such a way as to help users who have restricted movement. They are available to suit right-handed users and left-handed users. The knife is right-angled which allows for a rocking motion to help when cutting.

Henro-Grip Adapted Cutlery

This range of cutlery has been designed to help the elderly with dementia and the young with autism. The curved design of the handles helps the user to bring the food to the mouth. The spoon and fork are available for left or right hand use.

Good Grips Weighted Cutlery

The weighted cutlery is designed to give the user more control and allow the utensil to reach the mouth easier. Good Grips Weighted Cutlery is ideal for people with limited hand control, Parkinson’s disease, and spasticity. This range includes the Good Grips Weighted Fork; Good Grips Weighted Teaspoon; Good Grips Weighted Dessert Spoon; Good Grips Weighted Souper Spoon and the Good Grips Weighted Rocker Knife

Good Grips Coated Spoons

These spoons have been developed for use with something with biting reflexes and limited co-ordination. They have built up handles which makes them easy to hold. The Plastisol coating on the spoons protects the teeth.


Caring Cutlery

Plastic moulded handles that fit comfortably into the user’s hand to make it easier to eat. The Range includes the Caring Fork, Caring Spoon, and Caring Knife


Knork Knife and Fork

A great device that can be used to cut food as you eat like a knife and a fork with a combination of rounded and bevelled outer tines that will safely cut the food like a knife but with a rocking motion. It can be used with both the left of right hand. An optional Foam Handle is available for user’s who need grip support.

Adapted Cutlery Grips, Straps and Cuffs