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Wired Chair Alertamat

Alerta Medical are a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative and trusted medical equipement. All the equipment in the Alerta range has been designed to provide practal solutions while at the same time maximising user safety and comfort.

All medical equipment is manufactured in ISO13485 approved production facilities with thorough quality control procedures.

Alerta Sensaflex Wheelchair Cushions

The Alerta range of cushions provide support, comfort, care and pressure redistribution for medium risk, high risk and very high risk

Alerta Washable Absorbent Bed Pads and Chair Pads

Both the Bed Pads and Chair Pads are made from a tough and durable construction, fully waterproof, and a generous size.

Alerta Shower Chairs and Mobile Shower Chair Commode

Alerta Fall Prevention

Strong, robust and long lasting Alertamats for use on the floor with a full range of wired and wireless systems. This is an ideal solution for any type of flooring to activate an alarm and give the caregiver advanced warning when a user is at risk of falling if they leave their safe zone. Alarm activation will provide an early warning to the caregiver.

Diagnostic Care Equipment

Alerta offer a wide range of diagnostic care equipment for use in a care home or at home. Our range includes combined contactless forehead and ear thermometer, body thermometer, blood pressure monitors and fingertip pulse oximeter.

Suction Machines

Our range of Suction Machines includes the Professional Aspirator Single Pump with a 16 litre/minute flow rate; the Professional Aspirator with Double Pump and a 22 litre/minute flow rate and the Mini Rechargeable Portable aspirator with a 30 litre/minute flow rate. Suction Machines are designed to remove substances such as blood, saliva, mucus, and vomit from a person’s airway. All the Suction Machines come supplied with 1000ml jar; suction tubing; suction catheter; spare filter connector/flow regulator and disposable jar liner. The portable suction machines come with a bag/carry case.


The Alerta Nebuliser ahs a 10 litre/minute flow rate with a .35ml/minute nebulisation rate. This lightweight machine is mains operated and comes with power cables; 2 face masks; chamber; mouthpiece; nose piece and filters.

Midineb Hi-Flow Nebuliser