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Wood Effect Fluted Grab Rail

Wood Effect Plastic Fluted Grab Rail

The Wood Effect Fluted Grab Rail looks and feels like timber.  The rails have a fluted plastic surface for a secure grip

Arthritis Gloves

Arthritis Gloves

The Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support provides a snug fit that helps warm muscles and supports the wrist during sports and other activities.

GripWare Round Scoop Dish

Gripwear Round Plastic Scoop Dish

This is a plastic dish that is ideal for someone who has limited motor co-ordination. It is designed with a low front and a high back which makes it ideal if you need to eat with one hand.

Long Reach Garden Trowel

Long Reach Garden Trowel

The Long Reach Garden Trowel is helps you garden from a seated position and ensures you don’t have to bend too much.

Lets Fly Rollator

Lets Fly Rollator White

The Let’s Fly Rollator is easy to manoeuvre both indoors and outdoors. It combines robustness with a light weight and with its soft seat it allows the user to have a take a comfortable “sit-down” whenever he or she wants.


Long Handled Shoe Horn

Long Handled Shoe Horn

The Long Handled Shoe Horn is a great addition to your mobility aids as it helps make an every-day task possible again for a person with limited flexibility. It is made from a smooth, moulded plastic, and it slips easily into your shoes while also being gentle on your legs.

Good Grips Dessertspoon

Good Grips Dessertspoon

The Good Grips Dessertspoon is cushioned along the handle ensuring more secure grip and protection from the pressure points that can cause irritation.

Dignity Two Handled Mug

Two Handled Mug

This mug helps people with any form of disability and with its two large handles it provides added security and safety when used by anyone with limited strength.

Edge Shower Stool

Edge Shower Stool

Height-adjustable with a triangular shape that ensures it fits corners and increases its versatility.

Standard Reacher

Standard Reacher/grabber

The pistol style grip makes it easy to operate and the magnetic tip means you can pick up metallic objects without having to overstretch.

Swedish Cutting Board

Swedish Cutting Board

This is a stylish board that allows you to prepare food with one hand. The board incorporates a vice to hold food tight which allows you to chop, slice, cut or grate more easily.

Bluebell Female Slippers

Ladies Bluebell Slippers

Comfortable and stylish, they have a wide opening to make them easier to put on and take-off.

Arthritis Grip Walking Stick

Pink Flower Arthritis Grip Walking Stick

This cane has full palm support and suits arthritis Arthritis sufferers.