Health Aids

An extensive collection of items that are focused on improving the personal health and day-to-day functioning of the user. Products such as back supports, seat pads and toilet aids all can contribute to a user’s comfort and confidence.

Fitness and Rehabilitation Equipment

ankle arc

These products are designed to meet your need for a home-based fitness programme. The items are small, individually operated and able to help you build core strengthening as well as a commitment to balanced and moderate exercise. The rehabilitation equipment is aimed at supporting the individual in physical therapy and works in combination with other activities to help the person regain the strength, mobility and agility that may have been previously lost.

Back Care

Harley Lumbar Rolls

Back pain can most often be as a result of muscle or ligament strain. The debilitating condition can result from awkward movement or from heavy lifting. It might also be a consequence of ageing and the combined effects of reduced strength and mobility. Sciatica can cause pain in the lower back and the legs but with a programme of regular, appropriate exercise, such as walking, it is possible to reduce your experience of chronic lower back pain.

Bathing and Dressing

dressing aids

Our bathroom aids for the elderly, including toilet and bathroom grab rails, shower stools and bath steps, are designed to give the user increased independence and confidence. These products are ideal for the elderly and those with restricted mobility because they are non-slip with good, safe grips. The range of dressing aids includes zip pullers, shoe horns and sock fitters. These items are all able to help you when dressing and make it more manageable if you have reduced strength or flexibility. These are simple, straightforward aids that really help.


First Aid

It makes sense to do a regular check of the first aid kit, whether you are an elderly person living alone or are the carer for such a person. Small accidents can be prevented from becoming a more serious matter by ensuring you have the correct first aid products available and easily accessible.



Harley Original Orthopaedic Pillow

When an individual is suffering from an injury or experiences pain in their joints then it is possible to find a measure of relief through through the range of orthopaedic supports that are available. These are especially suited to people with arthritis and are beneficial to both active and more sedentary individuals. The aid recovery of certain injuries by limiting the range of movement while at the same time protecting the individual from further injury. This range includes products that can surround an injured part of the person’s body with heat and safe pressure which can restrict damaging movement while also providing needed warmth. The products support back, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow.

Medication Management

Taking different medicines and at different times each day can become confusing. Without a system it is easy to make a mistake and to over-or-under medicate. There is a range of ways to manage this including using a daily chart or perhaps a pill box which provides an easy method for controlling the daily dosage.

Sports Injuries

The products here help to address sports related injuries by protecting the affected area and by encouraging rest and the avoidance of continued exercise on the damaged area. The products further include ice packs and compression bandages both of which help to limit swelling.

Toilet Aids

Toilet aids are designed to make going to the toilet a much easier and relaxing experience for those who struggle. They are especially helpful to disabled and elderly people and can improve the individual’s dignity and sense of independence in the home. The available range includes seats, rails, bath steps and toilet frames among many other items. A simple and inexpensive device such as a long-handled back scrubber can make an immediate difference to our day-to-day experience. Security and comfort are at the forefront in all these products.

Health Aids for the Elderly

Often older people have an increased risk of injury due to the possibility of falling caused by a lack of stability. The value of health aids and mobility aids is that they offer a means of improving stability and of maximising mobility. In doing so, they match the individual’s ambition for independence and can boost that person’s confidence and sense of self-esteem. These health aids will support people to live fuller lives and help them have a longer productive role amongst their family and friends.


Personal Health and Fitness

Regular exercise stimulates improvements in both health and physical fitness. Our health can be seen as a form of holistic well-being that embraces our physical condition but also our mental and social states. Combined, these elements will bring greater confidence and contentment.