There is a great deal of choice when deciding on the shower stool or chair that best suits your needs. When you are living with a health condition that affects the strength in the lower part of your body or restricts your mobility, then making use of a shower stool or chair can help not only take the strain but also improve the quality of your independent living while showering and bathing.

There are many seats and chairs to choose from in a variety of styles and choosing the right one will depend on the level of disability. Starting from our range of plastic shower stools to shower chairs with or without arms to give additional support or our commode shower chairs for users looking for a different type of support. Different shower seats are available to suit your individual needs.

What are the benefits of using a Shower Seat?

A shower seat is a stool or chair that is placed inside your shower cubicle and has been specially designed to be used to support you while showering. Shower seats are great if you are:

  • Feeling unsafe or unsupported while you are standing in your shower. A shower stool or chair will help to give you the confidence to allow you to continue to shower independently.
  • Experiencing dizziness or breathlessness then a shower support seat gives you the additional support needed to continue showering safely
  • Feeling any pain or weakness in your back or your legs then a shower seat is great for helping to reach hard to get at areas of the body that require bending, ensuring a more enjoyable showering experience.

Plastic Shower Stools

A plastic shower stool is small and lightweight, making it easy to move around and reposition as required. It is ideal for use in the shower cubicle and can easily be stored away when not in use. When deciding on the best shower seat for you may want to consider the following:

  • If you do not need a lot of support then a shower stool may be sufficient.
  • If you are able to lower yourself down and lift yourself up without the support of armrests
  • You are able to sit down without feeling dizzy.

Plastic Shower Chairs

If you need additional support over and above the support provided by a shower stool you may wish to consider a Shower Chair that is designed with a back and armrest support.

Often used by those who have more restricted mobility This may be a better option if the following conditions apply to you:

  • You prefer to have support when rising from a seated position or when sitting down from a standing position. The armrests also give extra support while sitting.
  • You prefer to have back support perhaps if you tire easily while showering
  • The armrests provide additional support when reaching down to wash legs and feet.

Health Conditions helped with the Aid of a Shower Seat

  • If your muscles are weak or stiff as a result of Parkinson’s Disease and you have difficulty standing for long periods of time then a shower seat may help you to continue showering independently.
  • A shower seat can assist if you have Multiple Sclerosis by reducing the risk of falling while showering.
  • Muscular Dystrophy can cause muscles to feel weak or stiff which can make standing for long periods difficult.
  • Arthritis sufferers may find that a shower seat is helpful to relieve swollen and painful joints. It will also reduce pressure on the hips and knee joints.
  • Ataxia or other problems with your balance or coordination then a shower seat will assist in reducing the risk of falling.
  • A shower seat is perfect if you suffer from Angina and experience dizzy spells while showering.

What Kind of Assistance do I Need While Bathing?

  1. Do you find it difficult to bend down to those hard to reach places?
    You might want to consider a range of bathing aids that will make cleaning your back easier like the long-handled sponge or the Long Handled Sheepskin Pad which can make it easier for you to reach your back without causing pain by stretching. To help with bending there is a range of products to wash feet and toes without having to bend down including the Long Handle Toe Washer which is great for anyone with limited mobility.
  2. Do you need help to prevent slipping and falling?
    The bathroom is one of the most common places for people to slip or fall as the shower cubicle can become dangerous with the soap water and the bathroom floor can easily become slippery. To give more confidence and to assist with independent living a non-slip bath mat or non-slip shower mat is a great solution
  3. Do you have mobility issues while bathing? If you have balance issues or find you’re sometimes unsteady on your feet, a bath step can make it easier and safer when stepping into your shower cubicle or getting into and out of a bath.
  4. Do you feel unsteady when moving around?
    Grab Bars and Rails are great for anyone who feels unsafe when standing or getting to their feet and would prefer something to hold onto to give them more confidence. They are a great support to independent living. Grab bars and rails can be placed anywhere they are required around the bathroom and also inside the shower cubicle for that added support.