Dressing Aids for the Elderly

A range of practical and helpful products that make it easier for people to get dressed. The items include dressing sticks, a zip grip and a Good Grips button hook. These and others will assist people who have limited strength or flexibility, such as someone who has arthritis.



This range of slippers is suited for men and women. You get maximum comfort and luxury from the full range of styles and fabrics.  Slip these on your feet and enjoy a period of rest and relaxation. These slippers have Velcro straps and their high grip soles provide extra safety.

Dressing Aids

dressing aids

Dressing Aids are designed to provide the user with help with a number of practical actions such as putting on shoes, socks or slippers, and with getting to grips with awkward buttons or tricky zips. Ideal for people with restricted mobility or a weaker grip.

Scooters and Wheelchair Clothing

Splash Wheelchair Mac Sleeved

The scooters and wheelchair clothing range is designed to provide rain and splash proof covers to protect the user when in inclement weather conditions. They also protect the scooter or wheelchair.

Mobility Dressing Aids for Everyday Life

The use of dressing aids is essential if you have decreased strength or a limited ability to grip and hold an item. Difficulty with fiddly buttons and zips is inevitable for someone with reduced dexterity or with a lack of sensation in their finger-tips. Similarly, it can be difficult to stretch to pull-on socks or tights or trousers if mobility is poor. As a result, items such as an Easy Reacher or long handled shoe horn can be indispensable.

Comfort and Dressing Supports

Dressing supports come if a wide variety of options and are often simple, practical items that are designed to help with a specific are of dressing that is proving difficult due to pain or stiffness or physical weakness. The dressing aids are intended to limit the user’s movements in the ways that are causing pain or discomfort. In doing so, these aids allow the user to complete the function in a way that protects their body and ensures they can be proipely and fully rehabilitated.