Eating and Drinking

The range of assistive eating devices available here is specifically aimed at supporting the needs of the elderly and people of all ages who have restricted mobility. These are all low-tech items ranging from cutlery aids to bowls with lips, and from cups with long drinking spouts to non-slip lap trays.

Drinking Aids

Drinking cups

Here you will find drinking aids for elderly and people of all ages. They are designed with features that make them easier to use by people who have difficulty swallowing. They are also good if you have other mobility issues and can protect against spills and scalding if you have limited strength and find it hard to grip or lift cups The range includes dual handled mugs and easy grip, no spill cups.

Mobility Cutlery Aids

Good Grips Coated Youth Spoon

Eating can become more difficult as you age, with declining strength or a reduction in dexterity resulting from illness or disability making it hard to handle cutlery. Tasks such as cutting, or lifting food can be very challenging and may affect an individual’s ability to eat, which in turn can contribute to deterioration in other ways.

Plates and Bowls

GripWare Partitioned Scoop Dish

Intelligently designed plates and bowls that improve the users ability to grip and hold essential items despite having limited strength or suffering from arthritis or rheumatism. The plates and bowls also have features such as raised sides, sloped bases, and suction pads, all intended to make it easier for an individual with restricted dexterity to eat safely and with enhanced dignity.

Trays and Tableware


A collection of aids that improve the independence and safety for the disabled eater. Non slip, unbreakable, cushioned and easy to grip, the colourful and stylish range provides variety, fun and practical help.

Eating Aids for the Elderly

Eating aids for disabled and elderly are necessary in a situation where the individual suffers from a reduction in dexterity or strength. Everything from bibs to bottle openers, and from high sided plates to specialist cutlery, can make an significant difference to the quality of the individual’s dining experience.

The Disabled Kitchen Design

For many the kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where we gather to participate in many activities. We all want to be involved and whatever our level of functionality we can fully participate safely and in conjunction with others. The range of kitchen ware on offer is for disabled and elderly and includes cups and mugs, and plates and bowls. All are designed to adapt to a person’s particular needs and to ensure they are a full participant in the activity.

At Live Well Now we try to serve the needs of our customers at all times.

We understand that your requirements will alter throughout life depending on circumstances and our extensive range of products is carefully selected to meet these changing needs.

We all hope to retain health and independence into old age. So at Live Well Now we support that ambition with products that promote both physical and mental well-being, while at the same time offering aids that allow