What is a Rollator?

A rollator is also known as a rolling walker or a wheeled walker. Unlike a Walker, the Rollators have four legs and each leg has a wheel at the end. The wheels slide the rollator forward in order that you do not need to lift it in order to move in a forward direction. The rollators are not designed to hold body weight, and if this is the requirement then a better option would be a Walker. The rollator has wheels on each leg which means if you try to use them to support the bodyweight it can result in falls. Rollators have a seat and some also come with removable backs which give the user added balance while sitting.

Benefits of Rollators

Rollators are a great mobility aid and when we are looking for assistance with walking there is a large choice of walking aids that are on the market today. It can be easy to overlook the overwhelming benefits of choosing a Rollator. Rollators have the benefit of being both practical and affordable and are packed full of additional benefits than standard walkers. If you or a loved one have mobility issues and are looking for a modern, stylish and flexible walking aid then it might be time to have a look at the full range of rollators that are out there to assist anyone with mobility issues.

1. Most Rollators work well outside

Apart from the Let’s Go Indoor Rollator which has been developed to be specifically used indoors, in hospitals and care homes due its lightweight and flexibility when manoeuvring in small spaces, most Rollators can be used outdoors and indoors. If you are still able to get outside then all of our other rollators are ideal for manoeuvring over the different terrains necessary to make moving about outside a pleasure. Outdoor rollators are also lightweight and foldable which is great if you want to put them in a car prior to getting out into the countryside to enjoy a lovely walk in the open air. All our rollators can easily be placed in the boot of a car or can be used on trains or buses for the more adventurous among you. Some models have also been developed to be used on rougher terrains which should appeal to anyone wanting to be a little more adventurous. All our outdoor rollators can also be used around the home.

2. Suitable for all abilities

When deciding on which walking aids are right for you, there is a wide range of choice including Walkers, Walking Sticks, Crutches, Scooters and Rollators, prices vary greatly depending on the products. The rollator is an affordable value for money option that is suitable for a wide range of disabilities. Whether the rollator is needed full-time or just occasionally it is a great choice mobility aid for all ages and abilities.

3. You can sit on them

One of the great advantages of a rollator over a walker is that the user can sit on them. This is great to give well-earned rest from walking and also if you are waiting about or stopping to have a chat with friends. They are great when you are out in public venues, such as shopping centres, as who doesn’t get weary with all that walking and browsing. Your rollator will allow you to take a respite from shopping and rest their feet.

4. The Handles are height adjustable

The Rollators can be adjusted in height to ensure that the height is at the correct level so that the user can use the rollator comfortably without straining any parts of their body. This means that the user can easily adjust the rollator to match their comfort and stability needs. Whatever the height of the user, the rollator has been designed to be calibrated to the necessary height and unique needs of its user.

5. They are great for Exercising

It can sometimes be difficult for a person with a mobility disability to get enough exercise. Rollators are a great solution to this problem as they allow users to exercise independently and gives them more confidence, due to the added support. It is also great to be able to exercise on your own without relying on additional help.

6. They can be transported

Rollators are great mobility aids as they can be transported to where you want to be whether on a bus, a train or in the back of a car. They are lightweight and can be folded. The EZ Fold-N-Go Walker is ideal for taking on planes as it can be folded to 3 x smaller than the standard rollator and is very light.

Rollators are great if you are looking for a mobility aid that does not support your weight but remember, if you’re thinking of buying a Rollator, it’s very important that you have the strength and ability to control the speed and can operate the brakes. This is particularly important if you are using the rollator outdoors where you may have to negotiate slopes and uneven ground.

Safety Considerations

When choosing the Rollator that is right for you it is important that you take into account safety which is obviously one of the most important factors in your decision. So, before committing to a purchase why not consider the following factors:

  • Brakes – Can the brakes be used with one hand or are two hands necessary for control. Can they be gripped and reached easily? Are they easy to grip and to apply? Check if they are still accessible when wearing thicker winter gloves. Is there a parking brake or can the hand-brakes be locked in place if the user wishes to sit or lean against the rollator to take a rest?
  • Handles – are the handles easy and comfortable to hold? Are they height adjustable and can they be set at a comfortable height?
  • Wheels – Rollators come with a choice of large wheels or small wheels. Make sure the ones you choose are suitable for the conditions. Smaller wheels tend to be better for indoor use while the larger wheels are easier to manoeuvre over rough or uneven ground.
  • Seat – is it strong, suitably sized and can it be fitted with a back-rest for added security?
  • Bag – a shopping bag that can be attached to the rollator or taken off to be used independently is a great additional accessory.

Other Considerations

While safety will obviously be your number one priority when choosing a rollator there are other factors that you may wish to take into account that bring additional benefits and make your life easier when using the Rollator.

There are many things to consider when choosing a rollator but they will all depend largely on your own personal requirements and in particular the environment in which the rollator will be used most frequently. The following are a list of factors that might be helpful when you are considering your options:

  • Ergonomics – One of the great benefits of a rollator over a walker is the seat. Check that the rollator equipped with a height-adjustable seat and has handles to ensure safety when sitting down.
  • Comfort – Is the seat comfortable to use. Are the handles comfortable and is it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre?
  • Storage – Does the rollator fold-away safely and easily when not in use and can it fit inside a car boot for transport when getting out and about.
  • Accessories – most rollators come with a range of additional accessories that can be added if required. eg tray, basket, under-seat bag, walking stick holder.
  • Outdoor Features – if the user will need to negotiate kerbs and other obstacles, look for a rollator with a special kerb-climber facility.
  • Strength – check the maximum user weight and make sure it is appropriate for the intended user.


  • Light and easy to use
  • Hand-operated brakes
  • Soft and comfortable handle
  • Choice of three colours: Walnut | Sunset | Black
  • Both brakes can be operated with one hand
  • Can be folded away when not in use
  • Easily transported in a car
Let's Fly Rollator


  • Great strength
  • Large front wheels designed to easily manoeuvre over kerbs
  • Supports stiff joints with an inbuilt spring system
  • Soft and comfortable rubber handles
  • Height Adjustable
  • Easy to use brakes that can be locked
  • Comfortable leather effect seat
  • Elegant design with no welded seams
  • Easy to fold
  • Comes with a specially designed bag with handles
  • Choice of 4 colours: White | Red | Grey | Champagne


  • A beautiful combination of lightweight and elegant
  • Folds easily for storage and transportation
  • Large front and rear wheels making it ideal for outdoor use
  • Helps still joints with a spring system in the wheels
  • Adjustable height
  • Brakes are simple to use and easy to manage
  • Brakes can be locked
  • Comfortable leather effect seat
  • A specially designed bag is included
  • Optional extras include back strap; crutch holder and tray.



  • Great Rollator for using either indoor or outdoor
  • Lovely modern design
  • Soft wheels can negotiate all surfaces
  • Adjustable height to suit any user
  • Fold easily away when not in use
  • Large bag with shoulder strap
  • Available in two colours: Champagne | Black


  • Perfect for use either indoor or outdoor
  • Lovely modern design
  • Comfortable, soft wheels can negotiate all surfaces
  • Adjustable height to suit any user
  • Fold easily away when not in use
  • Large bag with shoulder strap
  • Available in two colours: Champagne | Black


  • The best portable Rollator
  • Folds to 3 x smaller that the average Rollator
  • Easily folds away when not in use
  • Great for using while traveling in a car, plane, bus or train
  • Adjustable height to suit any user
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Easily maneuvered on any surface