Household Aids for the Elderly

We all enjoy and benefit from those items that can be found around the home and that contribute to our physical ease and well-being. Home Comforts is a term that can include a wide variety of products ranging from bath cushions to tartan blankets and from table mats to a cosy hot water bottle, as well as much, much more. These items can be practical and helpful, while also giving a boost to our emotional and psychological health.

Kitchen Aids

Webequ Bread Knife

These eating and drinking aids are designed to encourage independence and to provide additional comfort and dignity for users. The products are practical and functional, while also being stylish and designed for intuitive use.

Bathroom Aids

Fold-Away Grab Rail

Our bathroom aids includes items such as hand rails, grab bars, toilet seats and bath chairs. These are designed to improve the safety and comfort of the user and to extend their level of independent living.

Bedroom Aids

Stander Mobility Bed Rail

These bedroom aids make a tremendous difference to the day-to-day living for people with disability, restricted mobility, or limited capacity due to old age. The products can include bedding such as pillows, mattresses and sheets, but can also be personal items such as eye masks, night socks and a hot water bottle.

Clocks and Watches

High Contrast Day-to-Day Wall Clock

This selection of clocks and watches is suited to people with a disability or visual or hearing impairment. They include clocks with vibration alarms, with voice alarms and with large faces.

Home Accessibility Aids

Derby Half Step. Outdoor Step

The range of home accessibility aids includes items that make mobility around the home easier and safer. It includes wheelchair ramps as well as key safes.

Shower Stools

Let's Sing Shower Stool with Basket

If looking for yourself or for an elderly friend or relative this collection of household aids provides lots of options from many top brands. These items can bring added comfort, safety and peace of mind to the user.

Seating and Cushions

Harley Booster Cushion Colours

It is normal that older people might spend longer sitting throughout the day. It is essential therefore that the older person’s comfort is considered and that they are able to select from a range of seating and cushions that limit the causes of aches and pains, while also ensuring their safety is paramount and they will not slip from the chair.

Outdoor and Garden

Easi Grip Garden Trowel

This collection of outdoor and garden aids for the elderly and the disabled includes gardening tools that improves the user’s enjoyment in the garden.

Home Aids

The extensive range of home aids incorporating all mobility aids and accessories for practical, independent home living, ensures that whatever your need it can be met. Many of these products can help you, a friend or relative to live at home more safely and for longer. Small, simple devices such as these can have an out-sized impact on an individual’s welfare and daily living.

Household Accessibility

The importance of good, practical design of products, devices and environments is underlined by the concept of household accessibility which can be considered as the ability to access or benefit from a system or item that can extend the independence, safety and satisfaction of a user. Primarily, these items address issues of restricted mobility but they also extend to the needs of people with sight or hearing impairments and they present tangible solutions that improve the individual’s everyday life.