There are a large number of mobility aids that are useful when either driving a car or as a passenger. They are all designed thoughtfully and carefully with the user in mind. The car mobility aids range from Blue Badge Holders with pretty designs, Back Support Cushions to support you while sitting in a driving position which is great if you are driving for long periods of time or if you have back pain. To help you get in and out of the car there are a range of supports including Swivel Car Seats, Mobility Car Handle, and Seat Belt Aids and if you are a passenger who likes nothing better than to have little sleep on a long car journey they there is a selection of travel pillows. Whatever your need while driving your car or enjoying someone else doing the driving then we have a range of products that will ease the journey and take the strain.

Blue Badge Holders

A great way to display your Blue Badge in style. Our Blue Badge Holders ensure that the Hologram on permits are never covered and protects them from damage while at the same time complies with all the Department of Transport guidelines. All the holders come with a timer clock that can be set without removing from the wallet.

Mobility Car Handle

This best selling device is great for helping you get into and out of your car easily and comfortably. The Handybar for cars might have a soft grip handle but it is strong on support. It has extra strength forged steel shaft that is guaranteed to give you the support you need. Also availalbe in this mobility range is the Car Caddie which also provides assistance getting into and out of the car.

Swivel Cushion

Another best seller is this Swivel Transfer Cushion, a flexible turning cushion that does not require any fittings, simply pop it in place and see how it allows the smooth transfer from seating to standing without painful jerking or twisting. This is a great solution to ease getting out of a car after surgery or where the user has a limited range of movements.

Seat Belt Reacher

One of our favourite gadgets, this simple device gives you a convenient handle to pull your seat belt. This is great for anyone who suffers from arthritis, shoulder pain, limited mobility or who has problems twisting

Car Support Cushions

Travelling in a car for long periods can result in low back pain due to poor postural alignment. Our back cushions and car seat levellers are great at taking the strain out of driving and making your journey a much more pleasurable experience.

Travel Pillows

Live Well Now has a range of Travel Pillows to suit all you requirements. Whether a short car journey or a long haul flight there is something for everyone in this range.