Mobility Aids for the Elderly

Our comprehensive range of living aids reflects the importance of mobility in the elderly and provides solutions for all your mobility needs.  The products are suited to all ages and can improve the user’s independence while also boosting their confidence. Helping elderly with mobility issues can include everything from ladies folding walking sticks to tall walkers, and from the best travel aids to mobility scooter rain covers. The range helps you get the most out of everyday and shows us that enhanced mobility is an achievable objective for all when using these mobility support solutions.

Rollators and Walkers

tri wheel rollator

The extensive range of rollators and walkers for the elderly includes three and four wheeled systems that all have swivel wheels and can be used indoors our outside. The rollators and walkers accessories include bags, covers, trays and walking stick grips and are designed to provide a practical support to anybody with a need for a stability aid or support when walking. The mobility needs of the elderly are attended to with these mobility aids and they help to ensure that elderly walking problems are minimised. The rollator grip and walker grip provide extra security for the user.

Travel Aids for the Elderly

Carcaddie Car caddie

This collection of travel aids for the elderly includes items such as the car caddie support handle, a handybar and a seat belt reaching aid. They are all intended to provide travel aids for disabled people or for someone with limited mobility, dexterity or strength. The travel aids recognise the important relationship between disability and society and make it easier for a person to enjoy independent movement when using a car, coach or bus. Our Blog on what to consider when planning a holiday highlights recent developments for the disabled traveller.

Scooter and Wheelchair Accessories

wheelchair bag

In this section you will find wheelchair accessories for people who use wheelchairs or scooters. These range from waterproof clothing and mobility scooter rain covers, through to wheelchair gloves and umbrellas. You will also find a selection of bags, covers, rain capes and walking stick holders.

Walking Sticks and Canes

Folding Walking Stick - Pink Flower

A walking stick or cane today can be a stylish accessory as much as a practical walking aid that provides stability for someone who is elderly and infirm or of limited strength. This collection of traditional and functional walking sticks and canes is enhanced by the variety of bright and joyful patterns. From folding walking sticks and height adjustable canes, to accessories such as ferrules, bags and straps, the canes, both wooden or aluminium, are an essential light weight aid for everyday.

Mobility Assistance

Our section on mobility works to present a collection of products that are solutions to the mobility needs of all people, whether addressing the reduced mobility in the elderly or offering mobility aids that also support younger adults and children. Walking aids accessories and walking aids for young adults can be found in this section along side disability equipment and highly practical items such as a crutch and walking stick holder and a wide collection of scooter and wheelchair attachments.

Mobility Problems in Elderly

The mobility needs of all are attended to within the sections covering rollators and walkers including walkers for the elderly and walkers for adults. And if you are looking for the best walking canes for the elderly or specifically women’s folding walking sticks then the section on walking sticks and canes has a carefully chosen selection of walking aids. The Live Well Now shop has an extensive range of aids covering all mobility matters and you might want to look at the sections on household aids and dressing aids for other suggestions.

At Live Well Now we try to serve the needs of our customers at all times.

We understand that your requirements will alter throughout life depending on circumstances and our extensive range of products is carefully selected to meet these changing needs.

We all hope to retain health and independence into old age. So at Live Well Now we support that ambition with products that promote both physical and mental well-being, while at the same time offering aids that allow an individual to enjoy the fullest life possible, even when ill health or disability impose restrictions.

Discover our full range of mobility products including stylish walking sticks and walking canes, look through our personal health and home accessories collections, and explore the gift section where the products combine practical efficiency with a designer aesthetic.