Live Well Now have a large selection of scooter waterproof clothing and mobility scooter accessories available to buy online. Our wide range includes mobility scooter waterproof clothing, mobility scooter bags and waterproof protection for your scooter when stored or while using. We have a wealth of mobility scooter accessories to help make getting out and about easier and now you can stop worrying about the weather.

Mobility Scooter Waterproof Clothing

A full range of waterproof clothing that has been designed to keep you protected and dry, warm and cosy when out and about on your Mobility Scooter.

Waterproof Mobility Scooter Covers

These lightweight elasticated waterproof covers for your scooter are great for keeping it protected from the rain. Whether you need a scooter storage cover or a waterproof protector for your seat or control panel then these are handy and convenient to store and use as when bad weather strikes.

Mobility Scooter Bags

Live Well Now have a range of Scooter Storage Bags that are lightweight and waterproof and suit individual requirements. Whether you need a large shopping bag or a pannier there will be a style to suit.