Natural Remedies

This collection of leisure and wellness products provides choices if you are looking for a little luxury and indulgence. But you will also find products that can be part of your personal plan for improved physical care and bodily well-being.

Body and Skincare

Cellulite Massage Oil

A collection of organic body and skincare products including face creams, body polishes, soap and essential oils. All items are free of additives and alcohol. Our aromatherapy oils are the highest quality natural products.

Resting and Leisure

Lavender Wheat Bag

Everyone enjoys the opportunity to have a period of rest and leisure and it is especially important for the elderly. These products recognise that the choices have to reflect the capacity of the individual and that they must be able to expand the scope of the user’s opportunities in sport and exercise as well as rest and relaxation.

Leisure and Wellness

Often the solutions to dealing with stress and anxiety are simple in nature and although they may be right in front of us they are hard to see. Throughout life we can become conditioned to see rest and leisure as a guilty indulgence. If we are not working or being purposefully active then we are somehow being wasteful of our time and are missing opportunities to improve our life. In fact, committing to regular, good quality leisure time is essential to our health and to improving our life.

Health and Wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing improve as a result of pursuing leisure activities. We are less stressed and happier. But our activity does not have to be aerobic or muscle-flexing, good as they are. Simple, quiet pursuits such as listening to music, reading, solving crosswords or puzzles, knitting or sewing can also relieve tension and help us to recover our positiveness.