Ankle Supports

The Neo G Range of Ankle Supports includes

  1. The Neo G RX Range Ankle Support is 100% breathable and embedded with silver and aloe vera.  It has a cotton lining for sensitive wearers and the embedded silver promotes accelerated rehabilitation and blood circulation.  The Aloe Vera helps with skin repair and tone.
  2. The Neo G Airflow is unisex, lightweight, and slimline.  It will fit either the left foot or the right foot.  It has been designed to support injured and weak muscles and/or joints.  The specialised breathable fabric helps with moisture control.
  3. The Neo G VCS Range is designed to provide basic ankle protection, support, and compression.  It is suitable for sprains and strains as well as arthritic and ligament pain or other inversion/reversion injuries.

All our ankle supports are suitable for all body types.  They are manufactured and designed to European and international standards.  A recognised brand name throughout the world