Back Care and Pressure Relief

Our Back Care and Pressure Relief range includes the award-winning Harley brand of Pillows and Cushions.

The Orthopaedic Pillow Range is contoured for comfort and moulded for support.  All our pillows are individually moulded to cradle the neck of the user and ensure the spine is held in the correct alignment.  The rounded and raised neck support relaxes the vertebrae.  Contoured to accommodate the user’s shoulders.  The pillow can be used whether you prefer to sleep on your back or your side.

The Harley Mattress Range is designed and manufactured using only the finest high-grade foam materials.  Our mattress encourages the ultimate sleep experience, offering pressure relief to the user.  All will assist with the prevention and restoration of tissue damage with the appropriate nursing care.  Our mattresses are all supplied with the Harley Coolmax cover as standard.  Other covers are available if required.

The Harley Knee Supports are a must for anyone with hip problems.  Overstretched muscles, ligaments and tendons often mean aches and pains during the night and in the morning.  Our knee supports takes pressure away from the low back and hips allowing the spine to assume its natural S shape.

The Harley back supports provide a range of cushions that can be used at home, in the office and in a car and are all designed to provide pressure relief with maximum comfort.