Back Care Support Belts

Harley Support Belts for Back Care have been used in clinical practice for many years.  They provide gentle and flexible support while stabilising the hips, pelvis, and spine helping you to stay safe and banish pain.  Our Harley support belts are:

  • Sacroiliac Belt ideal for most hip and lower back pain, pelvis instability, and sacroiliac syndrome.
  • Gentle Forme Support Belt provides gentle and flexible support and protection while stabilising the hips, pelvis, and spine.
  • Universal Support Belt ideal for central and lower back pain and is designed to stabilise the hips and pelvis through compression, but without restricting movement.
  • Correcting Shoulder Brace is a great way to retrain or correct your posture which can be affected by long hours sitting at a computer, driving, reading or working in the same position.
  • Power Plus Support Belt provides compressive support and stability to the mid and lower back.

Our Neo G Range of Orthopaedic Back Supports:

  • RX Back Support which helps with rehabilitation following lumbar or muscle strains and pains.
  • Back Brace is ideal for central backache radiating as far as the buttocks.  Designed to help reduce unwanted twisting movements
  • Angora Wool Luxury Waist Support with naturally insulating materials that help to retain heat in the lumbar region and keep muscles and joints warm.  Helps with an injured, weak or arthritic back.