Knee Supports

Neo G Orthapaedic Knee Supports are medical-grade orthopaedic supports for all ages, body types and events.  Designed by orthopaedic professionals and made with medical grade materials for comfort and durability.

Our range of supports includes:

  1. The RX Knee Support – designed to help with knee strains, sprains and instability and is useful in helping with rehabilitation following knee trauma.
  2. The Neo G VCS Range includes the Stabilised Open Knee Support, the Hinged Open Knee Brace with Patella Support and the Open Knee Support.  Can all be safely adjusted to suit individual users.  All are one universal size and are ultra thin.  Ideal for use with the Neo G 3D Hot and Cold Compression Support System
  3. Neo G Airflow Knee Support – Unisex, lightweight and slimline.  Helps support weak and injured muscles and assist with sprains, strains, instability and arthritic joints.
  4. Angora Wool Luxury Knee Warmer & Support – this innovative support is designed to help muscles and joints warm.  It can help with injured, weak or arthritic knees.