Rollators & Walkers

With our range of Rollators and Walkers, there is something to suit everyone depending on age and level of mobility.    Rollators come in models to suit indoor and outdoor use and have four legs and each leg has a wheel at the end. The wheels slide the rollator forward in order that you do not need to lift it in order to move in a forward direction. The rollators are not designed to hold body weight, and if this is the requirement then a better option would be a Walker.

A Walker is a frame with four legs that are designed to support your weight and to help you move around. A Walker needs to be lifted and laid as you move forward because of this they are normally very lightweight, but the user will need to have the ability to grip the walker and to have the arm strength to manoeuvre it forward

You can find our full guide to choosing a Rollator or Walker by clicking on this link:

Guide to Choosing a Rollator

Do I need a Walker or a Rollator