Alerta Medical

Alerta Medical is a range of clinically proven products that have been designed to consistently perform in a healthcare environment.  The Alerta range guarantees unbeatable quality at value for money prices.

Alerta Medical are a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, trusted and durable medical equipment that is guaranteed to provide optimum safety and comfort for users.

The range is ideal for use in Nursing and Care Home environments and includes a full range of Alternating Air System Beds; Static Foam underlays and cushions; Fall Protection Mats and equipment and a wide range of care equipment including:

  • Overbed Tables
  • Bed Rail Bumpers
  • Crash Mats and Evacuation
  • Car Transfer Wheelchair
  • Patient Transfer Aids
  • Washables
  • Toileting Aids
  • Shower and Commode Chairs
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Suction Machines
  • Nebulisers