Care Equipment

Alerta Care Equipment includes our range of Washables, Diagnostic Equipment, Suction Machines and Nebulisers.

Our Washables include:

  • The Dura Washable Bed Pad available in absorbencies to suit individual requirements.  It has generously sized tuck-in flaps and a double size is also available.
  • The Dura Washable Chair Pads are available in three colours which can be matched to existing furniture.  1-litre absorbency
  • The Dura Linen Bag in tough nylon construction available in 5 colours
  • The Dura Bib with a generous 45 cm width.  Available in a standard length and a long length.

Our Alerta Diagnostic Equipment includes:

  • Digitial Non-Contact Ear and Forehead Thermometer
  • Probe Covers
  • Digital Body Thermometer
  • Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Our Suction Machines and Nebulisers include:

  • 3A Professional Aspirator Single Pump, 1000ml Bottle
  • 3A Professional Aspirator Double Pump, 1000ml Bottle
  • 3A Mini Rechargeable Portable Aspirator
  • Midineb  Hi-Flow Nebuliser