7 Day Detach n Go Pill Box

Safe, portable, colour-coded 7-day pill box. Keep track of daily usage and have confidence that you will not miss out on important medication.





Product Description

The 7 Day Detach n Go Pill Box is a perfect aid to organise your weekly pills and tablets.  The box is lightweight, secure, and easy to carry with you.  Each compartment is fully detachable which allows you to take only the tablets you require for that day out and about.  The snap-on lids are designed to keep the pill safe in its individual compartment, but the lids are easy to open for the user.   The compartments are coloured to make it easier to track the weekly pill use across the week.

Benefits of the 7 Day Detach n Go Pill Box Organiser

  • 1 x 7 Day Detach n Go Pill Box organiser
  • Tightly sealed lids to stop pills from falling our
  • 7 compartments are full detachable
  • Each compartment holds up to 25 tablets
  • Easy pill removal
  • Size: 7.38″ x 1.75″ x 1.25″

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