7 Day Extra Large Pill Box

The large letters and compartments of the 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box are helpful for users with poor eyesight or limited dexterity.






Product Description

7 Day Extra Large Pill Box: Empowering Easy Medication Management

Designed with the needs of the elderly and individuals with limited dexterity in mind, the 7-Day Extra Large Pill Box is a game-changer in medication management. This extra-large dispenser not only accommodates a variety of pills for each day but also features user-friendly elements to make daily routines more accessible. Discover a reliable solution to keep control of your daily medication regime with this specially crafted pill box.

Benefits of the 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box

  •  Extra-Large Dispenser for Versatile Use: The 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box is more than just a pill organizer; it’s a versatile dispenser. With ample space for a selection of pills for each day, this dispenser caters to diverse medication needs, providing convenience and flexibility in managing your health.
  • Large Letters for Improved Visibility: Recognizing the challenges faced by those with poor eyesight, our pill box features large, easily readable letters. This thoughtful design element enhances visibility, ensuring that users can identify and manage their medications with confidence.
  • Flip-Top Lids for Secure Pill Storage: Each day comes equipped with a flip-top lid, securely holding your pills in place. No need to worry about spills or misplacement; the flip-top lids provide a reliable and secure storage solution for your daily medication regimen.
  • Customisable Medication Management: Tailor your medication routine effortlessly with the extra-large dispenser, accommodating a variety of pills for each day.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Large, easily readable letters on the pill box offer improved visibility, catering to users with poor eyesight and ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Secure and Convenient Storage: The flip-top lids not only keep your pills securely in place but also make it easy to access your medications when needed, promoting a stress-free daily routine.
  • Empowering Independence: The 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box empowers the elderly to take control of their daily medication regime, fostering independence and confidence in managing their health.


The 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box goes beyond the conventional pill organizers, offering a unique blend of versatility, accessibility, and security. Invest in a product that understands your needs and provides a solution to simplify your daily medication routine. Prioritize your health with the 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box – where convenience meets empowerment for the elderly and individuals with limited dexterity.

Product Specification

  • Size : Length 230mm; Width 45mm; Depth 27mm   |   9″  x  1.8″  x  1″


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