7 Day Mediplanner Pill Box

Securely hold pills and help to maintain a Morning, Noon, Evening and Bed medication regimen.






Product Description

7 Day Mediplanner Pill Box – your reliable companion for efficient medication management. This pill box is designed to securely hold your pills and tablets, assisting you in maintaining a well-organized Morning, Noon, Evening, and Bed medication regimen. If you have a four-times-a-day pill schedule, this system is an excellent aid for managing your daily medication routine. Conveniently organise your pills or vitamins in a drawer or on your desk, ensuring accessibility and ease. The easy-to-open lids provide secure storage, while the contoured design allows for effortless pill removal.

Benefits of the 7 Day Mediplanner Pill Box

  • Comprehensive Medication Planning: The 7 Day Mediplanner Pill Box offers a 7-day planner, allowing you to organize and manage your medication throughout the week efficiently.
  • Easy-to-Open Lids: Designed with lids that are easy to open, ensuring quick and convenient access to your pills while keeping them securely held inside.
  • Contoured Design: The contoured design facilitates easy pill removal, streamlining the process of taking your medication without hassle.
  • See-Through Lids: Transparent lids provide clear visibility of your medication, allowing you to easily monitor your pill supply without opening each compartment.
  • Colour-Coded Compartments: Colour-coded compartments enable effective planning for up to four times a day medication, providing a visual and organized approach to your pill regimen.
  • Efficient Medication Management: The 7 Day Mediplanner Pill Box is a valuable aid for maintaining a well-regulated medication routine, ensuring you never miss a dose.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Organize your pills or vitamins conveniently within a drawer or on your desk, allowing for easy access and streamlining your daily routine.
  • Secure Pill Storage: The easy-to-open lids combine convenience with security, keeping your pills held safely inside while offering easy access when needed.
  • Visual Medication Monitoring: Transparent lids offer a visual cue of your medication supply, helping you stay aware of your pill regimen without the need to open each compartment.


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