Alerta 3-Wheel Basket Rollator

  • Lightweight and Foldable: Easy to transport and store, ensuring maximum convenience.
  • Handle Lock Safety Feature: Provides additional security and stability during use.
  • Spacious Basket and Storage Bag: Ample storage space for personal items and essentials.
  • Includes Tray with Raised Edges: Handy for carrying food, drinks, or other items without spillage.
  • Robust 8” Wheels: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering smooth and reliable movement.




Product Description

The Alerta 3-Wheel Basket Rollator is designed to provide superior support and convenience for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. Featuring a triangular foldable frame, adjustable handle height, and robust 8” wheels, this walker ensures easy transport and manoeuvrability. Equipped with a basket, tray, and storage bag, it combines functionality with a lightweight design, making it an ideal companion for indoor and outdoor use.

Top Features of our Alerta 3-Wheel Basket Rollator

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND FOLDABLE: The walker’s lightweight frame and foldable design make it easy to transport and store, providing excellent portability.
  • HANDLE LOCK SAFETY FEATURE: Ensures the walker remains securely in place when not in use, offering enhanced safety and stability.
  • SPACIOUS BASKET and STORAGE BAG: Ample storage space for personal items, groceries, or medical supplies, making it convenient for daily use.
  • INCLUDES TRAY WITH RAISED EDGES: The tray with raised edges prevents items from slipping off, adding to the walker’s practicality.
  • ROBUST 8” WHEELS FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: The durable 8” wheels provide smooth mobility on various surfaces, enhancing user confidence and independence.

Product Benefits of the 3-Wheel Rollator

  • Enhanced Mobility: The lightweight and foldable design makes it easy to manoeuvre, helping users maintain their independence both indoors and outdoors.
  • Increased Safety: The handle lock safety feature and robust frame provide added stability and security, reducing the risk of falls.
  • Convenient Storage: The spacious basket, tray, and storage bag offer ample space for carrying essential items, promoting ease of use and accessibility.
  • Versatile Use: With its sturdy 8” wheels, the walker suits various environments, ensuring users can navigate different surfaces comfortably.
  • Adjustable Comfort: The adjustable handle height allows for a personalized fit, ensuring ergonomic support and comfort for users of different heights.


  • Handle height: 82-97cm
  • Max user weight: 115kg
  • Product weight: 6.5kg
  • Robust aluminium frame

The Alerta 3-Wheel Lightweight Walker is essential for those seeking enhanced mobility, safety, and convenience. Its thoughtful design and practical features make it an invaluable companion for daily activities. Experience the freedom and independence you deserve.