Alerta Gel Visco Cushion

Designed to help anyone at high or very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.





Product Description

The Alerta Gel Visco Cushion is a vital addition to the well-being of residents in Care or Nursing Home settings who face a high or very high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Crafted with precision, this cushion features a visco-elastic fluid gel base, expertly connected to a polyurethane gel insert with two different densities. These components work in perfect harmony: the gel provides maximum pressure relief to safeguard vulnerable areas, while the foam increases the contact surface, further enhancing pressure relief for the user.

The cushion’s intelligent design extends to its general shape, which not only maintains good posture but also prevents the resident from sliding forward. Safety and comfort are at the forefront of its purpose. Measuring 43cm x 43cm x 5cm, this cushion ensures ample support and is supplied with a polyurethane cover, combining comfort with unwavering durability.

Benefits of our Alerta Gel Visko Cushion

  • Designed for High-Risk Residents: The Alerta Gel Visco Cushion is purpose-built for residents at high or very high risk of developing pressure ulcers, offering proactive protection.
  • Visco-Elastic Gel Fluid Base: The cushion’s visco-elastic gel fluid base delivers maximum pressure relief to safeguard vulnerable areas and promote overall well-being.
  • Polyurethane Foam Insert: The polyurethane foam insert increases the contact surface, maximizing pressure relief for the user and enhancing their comfort.
  • Good Posture and Comfort: The cushion’s shape is tailored to maintain good posture while preventing the resident from sliding forward, ensuring their safety and comfort.
  • Proactive Pressure Relief: The Alerta Gel Visco Cushion takes a proactive approach to resident care, offering maximum pressure relief and safeguarding high or very high-risk residents.
  • Unparalleled Comfort: The intelligent design ensures good posture and comfort, making it an invaluable addition to resident well-being in care and nursing home settings.
  • Safety Priority: By preventing residents from sliding forward, this cushion prioritizes their safety, offering both comfort and peace of mind.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: The cushion is designed to withstand the rigors of care environments, ensuring lasting comfort and pressure relief.

Elevate resident well-being to the highest level with the Alerta Gel Visco Cushion, a solution designed for maximum pressure relief and safety in care and nursing home settings. With its intelligent features and unwavering quality, this cushion becomes an indispensable part of your commitment to resident comfort and protection. Experience the difference with the Alerta Gel Visco Cushion.

Product Specification

  • 1 x Alerta Gel Visco Cushion
  • 43cm x 43cm x 5cm
  • Polyurethane cover included

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