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Alerta Shower Chair

Made from lightweight plastic which makes it easy to manoeuvre into position.  Ideal for use in a domestic shower and also in care and nursing homes, easy to clean and hygienic.

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Product Description

The Alerta Shower Chair is made from lightweight plastic and is ideal for use at home or in care and nursing homes. The shower chair is height adjustable to ensure maximum comfort while showering and has a single seat which is easy to clean and is the perfect addition to bathroom furniture.    The lightweight chair is easy to move into position and is comfortable for the user with armrests to help the mobility of the patient and makes it easy to sit down and get up again.

Benefits of the Alerta Stationary Shower Chair

  • 1 x Alerta Shower Chair
  • Height Adjustable to suit individual requirements
  • Lightweight to easily to move position as required
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Ideal for use at home or in care home environments
  • Armrests give the user additional comfort
  • Made in plastic

Colour Choices:  White

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