Arm Support Cuff

A useful aid is designed to assist gardeners who suffer from weak hands or wrists and will plug into any Easi-Grip Gardening Tool.








Product Description

Gardening Made Easier with the Arm Support Cuff

Introducing the Arm Support Cuff, a revolutionary gardening aid meticulously crafted to empower individuals with weak hands or wrists. Compatible with any Easi-Grip Tool, this support cuff is engineered to harness the strength of your forearm, providing a seamless solution to protect your hands and wrists during gardening and everyday household tasks. Say goodbye to the strain and discomfort, as this arm support cuff effortlessly enhances your gardening experience.

Benefits of the Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff

  • Compatible with Easi-Grip Garden Tools
  • Specially Designed for Weak Hands or Wrists
  • Utilizes Forearm Strength for Effortless Gardening
  • Takes the Strain Out of Household Duties
  • Easy-to-Use Arm Support for Seamless Application
  • Versatile Support for Various Gardening Tasks
  • Adaptable to Different Easi-Grip Garden Tools
  • Alleviates Strain on Hands and Wrists
  • Enables Comfortable and Painless Gardening
  • Effortless Slip-On Design for Quick Application

Gardening enthusiasts and individuals seeking an extra hand in household duties will find this Gardening Aid to be an invaluable companion. Its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience, effortlessly slipping onto the arm for reliable support. No more compromising on your gardening passion or daily chores—let the Arm Support Cuff redefine your approach to these activities.

Elevate your gardening journey and reclaim the joy of tending to your green oasis with the Arm Support Cuff. Invest in comfort, durability, and efficiency, making every gardening moment a pleasure. Transform your gardening routine with this essential accessory that caters to your needs, providing the support you deserve.

Note: This package includes 1 Gardening Aid Arm Support Cuff designed to fit onto any Easi-Grip Garden Tool.


Live Well Now offers a wide range of gardening tools that are specially designed to help gardening without putting a strain on wrists and hands.  The range includes the Long Handled Fork, Long Handled Trowel and the Long Handled Cultivator.