Atlantis Male Urinal

Designed for convenience and comfort. It is portable while at the same time being suitable for night-time use.





Product Description

Atlantis Male Urinal with Lid: Convenience and Comfort Redefined

Experience unparalleled convenience and comfort with the Atlantis Male Urinal with Lid—a meticulously designed solution catering to the unique needs of individuals with mobility issues. Boasting a portable quality, this urinal is crafted for the active man, ensuring ease of use during the day and providing a reliable option for night-time use. Its user-friendly features make it an essential aid, and with the added benefit of a secure lid, it guarantees a discreet and hygienic experience.

Benefits of the Atlantis Male Urinal

  • Portable Convenience: Designed with the active man in mind, the Atlantis Male Urinal offers portability for unmatched convenience, allowing users to maintain an active lifestyle without compromise.
  • Secure Lid: Enjoy discretion and hygiene with the included lid, providing a secure cover to the urinal. This feature ensures privacy and containment, making it an ideal choice for various environments.
  • 1-Liter Capacity: The urinal’s generous 1-liter capacity (32oz) provides ample space, reducing the need for frequent emptying. This feature is particularly beneficial during night-time use or for individuals with limited mobility.
  • Translucent Design: The urinal’s translucent construction, coupled with a blue lid, allows for easy monitoring of fluid levels, ensuring timely emptying and maintenance.
  • Not Autoclavable: While offering convenience, it’s essential to note that the Atlantis Male Urinal is not autoclavable, ensuring users are aware of proper care practices.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Designed for active individuals, this urinal provides on-the-go convenience, addressing the specific needs of those with mobility issues.
  • Discreet and Hygienic: The secure lid offers privacy and hygiene, making it suitable for use in various settings, including night-time use.
  • Ample Capacity: With a 1-liter capacity, users can enjoy extended use without frequent emptying, enhancing comfort and reducing the need for assistance.

Live Well Now proudly presents the Atlantis Male Urinal with Lid—an embodiment of convenience, comfort, and discreet design. Whether for active daily use or night-time convenience, this urinal is the ideal companion for individuals with mobility issues. Experience the freedom to live life to the fullest with a product that prioritizes your comfort. Invest in the Atlantis Male Urinal with Lid today, and redefine your experience of convenience and confidence. Choose a product that understands your needs—choose the Atlantis Male Urinal with Lid.

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