Atlantis Square Bathroom Stool

A Sturdy shower stool to ensure the safety of the user.

  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Durable with no maintenance
  • Rubber tips on the bottom of the legs ensure a firm grip and no slipping







Product Description

Atlantis Square Bathroom Stool: Elevate Shower Safety and Independence with Modern Design

Crafted with profound consideration for the unique needs of the elderly and individuals with limited mobility and dexterity, the Atlantis Square Bathroom Stool is a vital addition to your bathroom routine. Designed with your safety and independence in mind, this stool seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with practicality, ensuring your shower experience is not only secure but also stylish.

The Atlantis Square Bathroom Stool is thoughtfully designed to prioritise your safety and empowerment. This essential bathroom aid enables you to enjoy the invigorating experience of a shower while maintaining steadfast stability and confidence.

Elevate your bathroom with a touch of contemporary elegance. The Atlantis Square Bathroom Stool harmoniously fits into any bathroom decor, offering a minimalist design that complements your space while providing essential support.

Crafted with a lightweight yet robust aluminium frame, the Atlantis Square Bathroom Stool guarantees reliable stability. This sturdy construction ensures you enjoy a secure seat that supports you during your shower, promoting your well-being without compromise.

Wide rubber tips on the bottom of the legs are thoughtfully designed to prevent slipping, providing an unwavering grip that ensures your safety while you enjoy your shower. These features offer an extra layer of security, eliminating concerns of instability.

Benefits of the Atlantis Square Shower Stool

  • Assured Safety: Experience your shower with the confidence that comes from having a secure and stable seat, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting your sense of security.
  • Hygienic Convenience: Its hygienic construction ensures maintaining cleanliness is effortless, allowing you to focus on your well-being.
  • Durability Uncompromised: The lightweight aluminium frame promises lasting performance, providing you with a reliable seat that withstands the test of time. T
  • Firm and Steady Grip: Wide rubber tips at the base of each leg reinforce stability, eliminating slipping or movement concerns. Experience unwavering support that empowers you to enjoy your shower independently.

Product Specification

  • Atlantis Square Shower Stool with Fixed height (43 cm)
  • A soft seat is available separately.
  • Dimensions seat: 30.5 x 30.5 cm

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