Bath Tub Grab Bar

Grab Bar with hand-holds for added security getting into and out of the Bath.    Not for use in lipped style bathtubs.








Product Description

Experience bathing with confidence using the remarkable Atlantis Bath Tub Grab Bar. Specifically designed for the elderly and those with limited mobility, this high-quality grab bar ensures safety while getting in and out of the bath. Enjoy bathing without worries, thanks to its reliable hand-holds and robust design.

The Atlantis Bath Tub Grab Bar brings a new level of security to your bathing routine. Crafted to offer utmost stability, this grab bar adds an extra layer of reassurance for sitting or rising in the bath. Say goodbye to concerns and embrace peace of mind.

This bathroom aid embodies the Atlantis promise of excellence, ensuring your safety without compromise. Trust in its construction to provide the security you deserve.

Top Benefits of the Atlantis Bath Tub Grab Bar

  • Elderly & Limited Mobility Aid: Tailored for the elderly and those with limited mobility, this grab bar provides the support needed for safe bathing.
  • Security Reinvented: Enjoy enhanced security while getting in and out of the bath, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.
  • Hand-Holds for Confidence: The built-in hand-holds offer added stability, empowering you with confidence during bathing.
  • Atlantis Quality: Immerse yourself in quality assurance, courtesy of the trusted Atlantis brand.
  • Peace of Mind: Experience worry-free bathing, knowing you have a reliable support system at your disposal.

Experience Security Redefined: Elevate your bathing experience, prioritise your safety, and embark on a journey of confident independence with the Atlantis Bath Tub Grab Bar. Enjoy every bath with reassurance

Product Specification

  • Height above the tub 374mm (14.74″)
  • Clamp adjustment from 75mm – 177mm (3″-7″)
  • Note that this grab bar is not suitable for lipped style bathtubs.


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