Bathroom Safety Discs

Helps to prevent slipping in a bath or shower. They are self-adhesive, easy to apply.






Product Description

Bathroom Safety Discs – your reliable solution for preventing slips in the bath or shower. These self-adhesive treads are designed to offer enhanced safety, providing an easy and effective way to reduce the risk of accidents. Available as an alternative to our Bathroom Safety Strips, these discs prioritise your safety and well-being. Before application, ensure a pristine surface by cleaning with an alcohol-based solution for optimal adhesion.

Benefits of our Bathroom Safety Discs

  • Anti-Slip Treads: Crafted as effective treads, offering a dependable anti-slip solution for bath and shower surfaces.
  • Self-Adhesive Convenience: Featuring a self-adhesive backing, they are designed for easy application, ensuring a secure and reliable grip on your bathroom surfaces.
  • Quantity and Size: Each pack includes 72 discs, providing comprehensive coverage. With a size of 40mm, they  are suitable for various surface areas.
  • Versatility: These discs serve as a versatile safety solution, complementing different bathroom settings and layouts with their self-adhesive and easy-to-apply design.
  • Enhanced Safety: Designed to prevent slipping and reduce the risk of accidents in the bath or shower.
  • User-Friendly Application: The self-adhesive nature of these treads ensures a user-friendly application process, allowing you to enhance your bathroom safety quickly and effectively.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: With 72 discs in each pack, Bathroom Safety Discs provide extensive coverage, contributing to a safer bathing environment for you and your loved ones.
  • Versatile and Effective: Suitable for various surfaces, these discs offer a versatile and effective safety solution, ensuring reliable anti-slip functionality in different scenarios.

Elevate your bathroom safety with Bathroom Safety Discs – the ideal treads for preventing slips in both bath and shower environments. Crafted with a self-adhesive design and easy application, these discs offer a user-friendly solution to enhance your bathing experience securely. Available in packs of 72 and with a compact size of 40mm, Bathroom Safety Discs provide comprehensive coverage for optimal safety. Take a step towards a safer bathroom by choosing Bathroom Safety Discs – because your well-being matters.

Product Specification

  • 72 discs
  • Size : 40mm

Colour: White

Also available as Bathroom safety strips

Also available is the Stayput Anti Slip Bath Mat and the Antimicrobial Corner Shower Mat