Bed Raiser

Increases the height of chairs or beds, making it easier to sit or lift yourself up and stand.








Product Description

The Bed Raiser is an ideal solution that will allow you to increase the height of your chairs or beds.  This mobility aid lifts the height of chairs and beds up to the correct level and makes it easier to sit down or lift yourself up to a standing position.  The raisers offer resistance and stability and make it possible to position furniture at a level that is most convenient for individual users.  No more stresses and strain when lifting yourself out of a low armchair.  With furniture raised to the correct level, it improves the confidence of the user and gives an added level of security.

Benefits of the Bed Raiser

  • Use to increase the height of beds or chairs
  • Helps maintain independent living
  • Helps to move from a seat to a standing position and vice versa
  • Helps with stability
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Position beds and chairs at a more convenient level for the user

Product Specification

  • 4 x Chair Raisers/Bed Raisers
  • Maximum user weight per block of 4:  130kg   |  20stone

a) Large:

Height 14cm   (5.5″)

Diameter base 13.5cm   (5″)

Diameter interior 8cm   (3″)

b) Small:

Height: 9cm   (3.5″)

Diameter Base 16.5cm   (6.5″)

Diameter Interior 9cm   (3.5″)

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