Bridgit Walking Stick Holder

This clever, attractive clip solves the problem of holding crutches and walking sticks when they aren’t being used and solves that problem of sticks and crutches falling over as you try to find a safe place to leave them.






Product Description

The Bridgit Walking Stick Holder is a cleverly designed and attractive clip that will help solve the problem of holding crutches and walking sticks in place when they aren’t being used. The Bridgit joins two crutches or walking sticks together in a stable X shape to rest against any convenient surface. This is much safer than laying the crutches or stick on the floor or trying to balance against furniture. It also prevents crutches from falling over and damaging them.

The Bridgit Walking Stick Holder can also be used to hook single crutches or walking sticks over the back of a chair or handrail, keeping them out of the way but still within easy reach.  It is easy to use and suitable for all crutches and sticks between 18mm – 22mm.

Benefits of the Bridgit Walking Stick Holder

  • Clever and simple to use mobility aid
  • Can be used to hook single crutches over the back of chairs etc
  • Stores two crutches together in an X shape allowing them to rest against an available surface
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • An ideal solution to keeping walking sticks from falling over
  • Prevents crutches from becoming damaged

 Product Specification

  • 1 x Bridgit Walking Stick Holder
  • Can be used on all walking sticks between 18mm – 22mm


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