Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy

A great addition to wheeled walking frames allowing users to safely transport a variety of daily living items.








Product Description

The Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy has been designed to assist wheeled walking frame users to transport a variety of daily living items in safety.  By adding the caddy to your walking frame it is a useful alternative to a trolley.

It can be attached to most styles of walking frames.  It enables you to carry most items safely and independently, without being reliant upon carers.  The Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy has one large and one small compartment to allow the user to separate items such as glasses, keys, medication etc.

It comes supplied with a tray, that is designed to safely transport a plate of food, and a mug holder, which catches any spillages. It has been designed to fit most styles of walking frames.  It fits cups and plates securely and the sides of the top tray are raised.   There is a blue attachment that allows a cup to be held securely in the middle. If there’s not enough room on the top then it lifts off and there’s a generously sized space below that will hold crockery or personal items.   Importantly, it adds no appreciable weight to the user of the frame so does not make it difficult to move around while the caddy is attached keeping the walking frame secure and stable.

It is easily fitted to the walking frame without the need to use tools.  The lower part of the caddy holds quite a number of small items.  The tray (which is detachable) can easily accommodate a full-size dinner plate. Alternatively, it can be used to carry the drinking cup holder, which has the benefit of being able to contain the spillage.  All parts are fully washable.   This is an excellent addition to a walking frame to allow your hands free to guide the frame while being able to carry all your needs from room to room.

It is manufactured from tough, durable plastic and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.  To assist with drying it has drainage holes.

Benefits of the Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy

  • Quality independent living aid
  • Two compartments to allow items to be divided
  • Supplied with a tray
  • Fits most styles of walking frames
  • Hard-wearing plastic
  • Easily washed/wiped clean
  • Dishwasher safe

Product Specification

  • 1 x Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy
  • Maximum carrying weight 2kg.
  • Width without tray 434mm (17″).
  • width with tray 457mm (18″).
  • Depth with tray 310mm (12.25″)
  • Height 200mm
  • Total  weight 1kg

The Caddy is perfect for use on the Rigid Walking Frame and the Deluxe Folding Walker

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