Neo G Bunion Correction System

Designed to help with the discomfort, pressure and inflammation experienced by Hallux Valgus deformities.








Product Description

Embrace relief from discomfort, pressure, and inflammation associated with Hallux Valgus deformities using the Neo G Bunion Correction System. Crafted as a soft support, this system is tailored to provide mild to moderate support for uninterrupted healing of bunion protrusions. Designed to immobilize the Hallux Valgus, it offers a solution that addresses discomfort effectively. The support is adjustable, allowing you to maintain ideal alignment for your big toe and metatarsal phalangeal. Made from lightweight and washable soft fabric, this support ensures both comfort and convenience, making it suitable for use pre or post-surgery.

Benefits of the Neo G Bunion Correction System

  • Mild to Moderate Support Level
  • Immobilizes Hallux Valgus for uninterrupted healing
  • Adjustable for maintaining ideal alignment
  • Lightweight and washable fabric
  • Suitable for pre and post-surgery use
  • Provides relief from discomfort, pressure, and inflammation
  • Supports uninterrupted healing of bunion protrusions
  • Helps maintain ideal big toe and metatarsal phalangeal alignment
  • Adjustable for personalized comfort
  • Lightweight and washable for convenience
  • Versatile for use in both pre and post-surgery

Rediscover the joy of comfortable movement and uninterrupted healing with the Neo G Bunion Correction System. Crafted for your well-being, this support system combines effectiveness with comfort, ensuring relief from Hallux Valgus-related challenges. Embrace a solution that cares for your foot health.

Note: Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and recommendations.



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