Button Hook and Zipper Pull

A useful device that can assist with the problem of dressing when you need extra assistance to do this on your own.  Makes life easier for those with reduced hand function or arthritis sufferers.








Product Description

Button Hook and Zipper Pull: Empowering Convenience for the Elderly and Limited Mobility 

The Button Hook and Zipper Pull is an essential tool designed to provide an extra hand when you need it the most. Crafted with care for those with reduced hand function or arthritis, this versatile device revolutionises the way you dress, promoting independence and enhancing your daily life.

Seamlessly combining two essential functions in one compact device. Say goodbye to fumbling with buttons and struggling with zippers. With this ingenious tool, you regain control over your dressing routine, making each day’s start a hassle-free experience.

Empower yourself with the ability to dress independently. This reliable companion assists you when a helping hand isn’t around. Regain confidence in your self-care routine, knowing that you can effortlessly manage buttons and zippers on your own.

Designed with your comfort in mind, this tool is incredibly easy to use. The button hook effortlessly secures buttons, and the zipper pull simplifies the process of zipping and unzipping garments. No more straining or frustration—just smooth, controlled movements.

For those with arthritis, dressing can be a challenge. This thoughtfully crafted product accommodate your needs, reducing strain on your hands and making dressing a more comfortable experience.

This versatile tool caters to both left and right-handed users, ensuring that anyone can benefit from its capabilities. Regardless of your dominant hand, it adapts to your individual needs.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Button Hook and Zipper Pull is compact enough to carry with you in a bag or handbag. It’s your reliable companion wherever you go, ensuring you’re prepared for any dressing situation.

Benefits of the Button Hook and Zipper Pull

  • All-in-one device for buttons and zippers
  • Restores dressing autonomy
  • Effortless operation for hassle-free dressing
  • Designed for arthritis sufferers and anyone with weak hands and grip
  • Accommodates left or right-handed users
  • Compact and portable for on-the-go convenience

Product Specification

  • Weight: 60g (2oz)
  • Length: 205mm (8″)

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