Carlott Rollator Shopping Trolley

This is a fantastic, lightweight rollator, that rolls easily and glides over thresholds even when weighed down. It is sturdy, stable and secure, and comfortable to sit on. It is an ideal addition to your mobility aids to assist with daily independent living.






Product Description

This is our favourite Rollator Shopping Trolley which combines all the features of a rollator with the added bonus of a large cart to put your shopping in.  This is the latest most advanced model, the Lett900 which is lightweight, rolls easily, glides over thresholds even when weighed down.  It is sturdy, stable and secure and also comfortable to sit on.  An ideal addition to your mobility aids to assist with daily independent living.

The cart can be used to store items individually or use to load up your shopping bags.  The best part is the secure seat which allows you to take a rest if you need a break, after all, that shopping.

The Carlett is packed full of features including a double handbrake system for security and the handlebars are height adjustable to suit your individual requirements.  There are three individual height positions.  The large storage compartment gives ample room and fitted on top a cushioned seat to allow you to relax.  The Rollator has a safety reflector and larger size rotating wheels for increased safety and peace of mind.  An umbrella or walking stick holder comes as standard and a shopping basket inside the cart has an ample 29-litre capacity.

Benefits of the Carlett Rollator Shopping Trolley

  • Secure double handbrake system
  • Height-adjustable handlebars
  • Large storage compartment
  • Comfortable cushioned seat
  • Safety reflector for added security
  • Shopping basket with handles
  • Big rotating wheels
  • Umbrella or walking stick holder

Product Specification

  • 1 x Carlett Rollator Shopping Trolley
  • Weight 6.4kg
  • Maximum weight of user: 21stone (135kg)
  • Height 93cm
  • Length along the back 49cm
  • Length at the side 50cm
  • Width when folded 27cm

Colour Choices:  Grey  |  Black

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