Carton Cap Opener

Can open screw cap cartons which can be difficult to open especially for children or elderly people who often lack the strength in their fingers.





Product Description

The Turn Key Carton Cap Opener is the perfect kitchen aid to help solve the problem of opening screw cap carton tops, which can prove difficult for users with a weak grip and the elderly.  It can be particularly helpful for both children who can find this task difficult as they have not developed full grip strength.  Besides opening the carton’s screw cap the small plastic lid underneath the screw cap that has to be removed by pulling a ring is easily removed using the small hook on the side of the opener.  This adaptive kitchen aid is perfect for arthritic hands.

Benefits of the Carton Cap Opener

  • 1 x  Carton Cap Opener
  • Assists with limited strength
  • Ideal aid for arthritic hands
  • Perfect for users with a weak grip, the elderly and children
  • Opens screw cap cartons with no effort
  • Pulls inside ring away
  • Easy to use
  • Helps with a limited or weak grip

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