Chair Bed Raiser

Increases the height of chairs or beds, making it easier to sit or lift yourself up and stand.








Product Description

The Chair Bed Raiser is here to provide you with the perfect solution, elevating your chairs or beds to the ideal height and making daily life more accessible and comfortable. Say goodbye to the struggle of sitting down or standing up – our mobility aid is designed to enhance your confidence, independence, and overall well-being.

The Chair Bed Raiser is your answer to raising chairs and beds to the correct level, allowing you to sit down and rise up with ease. No more stress, no more strain – just comfort and confidence.

Our raisers offer resistance and stability, ensuring that your furniture stays securely positioned at the most convenient level for you. It’s about enhancing your safety and comfort, every day.

Top Benefits of the Chair Bed Raiser

  • Increase the Height of Beds or Chairs: Elevate your furniture to your preferred level for added convenience.
  • Maintain Independent Living: Regain your independence and perform daily activities with confidence.
  • Seamless Transition: Seamlessly move from a seated position to standing, and vice versa, without difficulty.
  • Enhanced Stability: Our raisers offer exceptional stability, keeping your furniture securely in place.
  • Simple and Easy to Use: Designed for straightforward installation and everyday use.
  • Customised Comfort: Position your chairs and beds at a more convenient level that suits your unique needs.

Product Specification:

  • 4 x Chair Raisers/Bed Raisers: Each order includes four reliable and sturdy raisers, ready to support your mobility.
  • Maximum User Weight per Block of 4: 130kg (20stone) – Ensuring robust and dependable support for various users.


a) Large:

Height 14cm   (5.5″)

Diameter base 13.5cm   (5″)

Diameter interior 8cm   (3″)

b) Small:

Height: 9cm   (3.5″)

Diameter Base 16.5cm   (6.5″)

Diameter Interior 9cm   (3.5″)

The Chair Bed Raiser is not just a mobility aid; it’s a commitment to your comfort, independence, and peace of mind. Experience the difference it can make in your daily life. Elevate your well-being with the Chair Bed Raiser.


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