Coccyx Wedge Cushion

Reduces back pain and muscle tiredness. Help keep the spine in its natural position and relieve pressure on the lower back and legs.






Product Description

The Harley 11 degrees Coccyx Wedge Cushion is designed to improve sitting posture and to relieve pressure and stress in joints and muscles. It is an effective means of reducing back pain and because of the angle of the cushion, it tilts the pelvis and keeps the spine in a natural position.  The cushion comes with or with a fixing strap. The wedge has a luxury velour cover with a zipped opening that can be removed for cleaning.

Benefits of the Coccyx Wedge Cushion

  • With/Without Fixing Strap
  • The cutout piece of the cushion reduces pressure on the coccyx
  • Improves sitting position
  • Tilts pelvis at a level to ensure correct posture
  • Helps to keep the spine in its natural position
  • Reduce any discomfort
  • Designed for people with back problems

Product Specification

  • Length: 36cm (14″)
  • Width:  36cm (14″)
  • Depth:  10cm (4″)

Colour: Black



With Fixing Strap, Without Fixing Strap