Coiler Shoe Laces

The easy to use Coiler may be tightened or loosened, but never need tying.






Product Description

Simplify Shoe-wearing with Coiler Shoe Laces

The ultimate solution for effortless shoe-wearing – Coiler Shoe Laces. Specifically designed to cater to the needs of the elderly, those with limited dexterity, and weak hands, these innovative laces redefine comfort, convenience, and independence.

Bid farewell to the struggles of tying shoe laces. Coiler Shoe Laces are your gateway to a new level of ease. With a simple coiling mechanism, these laces eliminate the need for tying, ensuring that putting on your shoes is as effortless as it should be. No more knots, no more hassle – just slip on and go.

Experience a level of customisation like never before. They may be tightened or loosened according to your preference, ensuring a snug fit without the need for knots. It’s a revolution in convenience that empowers you to enjoy your shoes in a way that suits you best.

Say goodbye to discomfort caused by traditional laces. Coiler Shoe Laces are designed with your comfort in mind. They create no pressure points, allowing your feet to move naturally without any irritation. It’s a whole new world of comfort that embraces your every step.

Walk, move, and stride with the freedom you deserve. Coiler Shoe Laces accommodate your natural movements, allowing you to go about your day without restrictions. Whether you’re stepping out for a stroll or engaging in activities, these laces provide unparalleled flexibility.

Coiler Shoe Laces adapt to your lifestyle. Designed to fit shoes with up to eight pairs of eyelets, they seamlessly integrate into your favorite footwear. From casual sneakers to everyday shoes, these laces are the embodiment of versatility and convenience.

Embrace convenience, comfort, and confidence like never before. Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional laces and enjoy the freedom of independent living.

Benefits of the Coiler Shoe Laces

  • Easy to use: No more complicated knots or tying, simply slip on your shoes with ease
  • No need to tie: The coiling mechanism eliminates the need for traditional tying, streamlining your shoe-wearing routine.
  • Pressure point-free: Experience comfort without discomfort – these laces create no pressure points, allowing natural movement.
  • Embrace natural movement: Walk and move freely without restrictions, thanks to the laces that accommodate your every step.
  • Customisable comfort: Adjust the Coiler to your desired tightness for a snug fit that suits your preferences.
  • Versatile fit: Designed for up to eight pairs of eyelets, they effortlessly integrate into various shoe styles.
  • Sold in pairs: Each order provides you with a pair of Coiler Shoe Laces, making them ready-to-use companions for both shoes.

Colours choices:  Black | Brown | White | Royal Blue

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